Here's How You Can Actually Help Aleppo

Here's How You Can Actually Help Aleppo

There is a way for everyone to help aid those in Aleppo, even if you cannot spare money. Find out how you can make a difference.


If, by some miracle, you don't already know, Aleppo, a northern city of Syria, has become a casualty of the civil war taking place there. Civilians are trapped in the city and are being killed by airstrikes aimed at rebel areas. You've probably seen images on social media of the death and destruction taking place in Aleppo. You may, like me, be feeling heartbroken and helpless. So I decided to overcome that helplessness and find ways that I can help and to share them with all of you so perhaps together we can change the circumstances of all those struggling in Aleppo.


I know not all of us are in a financial position to give money to these causes, but even a few spare dollars can help. And if you are able to give, there are several organizations that are trustworthy and are currently working on the ground in Syria. I've listed a few you should consider donating to.

- The White Helmets

- Doctors without Borders

- Concern Worldwide

- Save the Children

- Unicef USA

- International Red Cross

Speak Out

Make it known that you support Aleppo. People will tell you that posting or sharing things on social media doesn't do anything, but your voice matters. Making sure that Aleppo isn't simply forgotten matters. Let it be known that you support the people of Syria and participate in protests and demonstrations if possible.

Talk To Your Government

Write letters, send emails, and make phone calls. Tell your government that you want to support Aleppo. Recommend air drops of supplies and food. Make sure your representatives know you want to do more than just say that you support Syria. Additionally, tell your representatives that you support the refugee effort and that you wish to allow Syrian refugees into the country. If you don't know who your representatives are, I've included a link to a site that will tell you who they are by ZIP code.

Stay Woke

Keep up to date on what is happening in Syria. Actively look for new information and keep telling others about what you know. You never know when an opportunity to effect change will arise.


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