Ways to Relax Your Room
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7 Items You Need To Relax Your Room

Lavender is a herb that can naturally help anxiety and relieve stress, making the environment in your safe space very calm.

7 Items You Need To Relax Your Room

Every bedroom reflects the person sleeping on the plush mattress nestled in the corner underneath the white Christmas lights. Morning brightness fills the room as the sunlight reflects off of the colored sheers or the pictures spread across by the tapestry, just slightly creased giving the room a little bit of life. Relaxation should be ingrained in your bones when you enter your room. When you open your door leading to your peaceful sanctuary, a breath of fresh air should exit your mouth while the fuzz on your warmly colored blanket sticks to your leggings making you feel wrapped in goodness and softness. If the feelings explained do not relate or pertain to your bedroom, here are seven different ways to add peace, comfort, and you to your bedroom!

1. Essential Oil Diffuser


A natural oil diffuser can pump out fresh lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, and whatever smells and aromatherapy you want. Essential oils can fill your room with a fresh and clean fragrance while promoting better sleep, clear lungs, cognitive functions, and even emotional health. Oil diffusers come in all shapes and sizes, from portable diffusers to ones that plug in. If interested, essential oil diffusers are sold almost everywhere. Amazon has a good selection, along with Harmon (a beauty store) and if you shop at Bed Bath and Beyond, you can use those big blue card stock coupons for your diffuser at Harmon. There are so many different and unique brands, so it is important that you do your research on which one is right for you.

Pro-tip: When buying oil for you diffuser make sure you do not mistake it with oil for your skin. They are not the same type of oil and are not compatible.

2. Decorative Lights


Pinterest is notorious for the display of luxurious rooms, fancy decor, and the rug someone bought from their trip to Africa to incorporate a little diversity in their bedroom. Aside from all the little pieces that make up rooms on Pinterest, glossy glass elephants and polaroid pictures, Christmas lights always seem to be twinkling in the background. Lights can give any room a burst of brightness and will never go out of season. If one wants calm and peace, white or blue lights can hang from the walls. Feeling edgy? Red lights can hang over your records and posters. Cuddling up next to your pillows and stuffed animals from childhood with a new book you are about to invest your time in will be a lot more comfortable and easy to read if you have dazzling lights versus the dim overhead light in your ceiling fan. Christmas lights can be purchased at hardware stores, home decor stores, and the fan favorite: Target.

Pro-tip: Command strips are an effective and easy way to hang lights.

3. Plants and fresh flowers


Personally, I love waking up to greenery and a fresh bouquet soaking in the sunlight. Plants can make your bedroom look and feel more alive, brighter, and fresh. Not only does the air in your bedroom become purified, but the climate in your safe space becomes healthier. Remembering to water your house plants and change the water in your vase can also help you relax. In order to keep your plants alive, do some research to ensure that your plants will remain healthy and happy. Some plants require a lot of sunlight while others don't. A few basic plants to start off with are ivy, ferns, aloe, and a peace lily. Although fresh flowers may not last as long, buying flowers for yourself is something you, as a beautiful human, deserve. For the time being, flowers give off a burst of color and your plants will have a friend.

Pro-tip: An aloe plant cleans the air of pollutants but needs a lot of sun.

4. Lavender Lotion


Lavender lotion can do wonders for your skin as well as your mind. Keeping a bottle next to your bed or on your dresser can add looks to your bedroom and can provide a fresh plump of savory wellness every time you enter and leave your room. Lavender is a herb that can naturally help anxiety and relieve stress, making the environment in your safe space very calm. There are numerous studies explaining how lavender is extremely effective, similar to the effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs. Lotion can be purchased just about anywhere such as Lush, Bath and Body Works (their aromatherapy line is spectacular), and numerous health and skin websites.

Pro-tip: Go for organic and natural lotion.

5. Tart Warmer


Similar to an oiler diffuser, a tart warmer melts the wax and gives off an alluring scent. When melting wax, there are plenty of options on fragrances just like candles. Each scent can pertain to a different season or if vanilla is your go-to scent, the sweetness can fill your room 24/7. If interested in giving your room a scent that matches your personality, Yankee Candle has plenty of options and plenty of warmers to pick. Each warming device has different styles to match your room and if you decide you are not fond of the scent you are melting, all you have to do is dump the wax and pop in a new scent. Some warmers come with timers just in case you are forgetful and tend to leave your flat iron plugged in.

Pro-tip: When changing out the wax, take the plate from your warmer and freeze it for about an hour. The wax will harden and pop right out.

6. A White Noise Machine


I was never one that needed a T.V. or music to fall asleep. All I needed was my ceiling fan and darkness. But that all changed ever since my anxiety worsened. I began to search soothing sounds to help me sleep whether it was waves, a rainforest, or wind. Surprisingly, I was knocked out within minutes. There are plenty of sound videos on Youtube that can play up to three or even eight hours. But instead of draining my battery every night, I began to research soothing noise machines and I discovered a whole new world of relaxation. Of course, Amazon has hundreds that you can browse through, but again, do some research and read a few reviews before you make your purchase. Another name for them, a sound therapy machine, are also sold at Bed Bath and Beyond so bring you coupons. There are a handful of reasonably priced ones.

Pro-tip: Make sure you differentiate the difference between a white noise machine and a sound therapy machine before buying.

7. Sheers For Windows


Curtains are great, they block light out and can add a fancy decor to your room, however, it can be difficult to wake up when your room is still pitch black. Natural light can help wake your weary bones and can help your eyes adjust in the morning. Plus, your plants will be flourish. Waking up to the piercing sound of an alarm clock that is set every five minutes is daunting and flat out irritating, but it will be worse if you still feel that is dark out due to your curtains. Sheers come in all colors and designs, so there are still plenty of options for decor.

Pro-tip: White sheers match almost everything and sunlight will shine through them the best.

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