1. Limit your purchasing of single-use plastic by buying reusable water bottles and coffee mugs.

So many people nowadays carry around Swell bottles or Hydroflasks, they keep your water cold and limit the number of plastic bottles you buy. Reusable coffee mugs and tumblers are also great and can get you discounts at some coffee shops (Starbucks included).

2. Stop buying makeup remover wipes and use microfiber washcloths instead.

I have sworn by the Neutrogena makeup wipes for years but decided to stop buying them a few months ago when I noticed just how many I went through. As an alternative, I bought microfiber cloths on Amazon and they're amazing even when I wear a full face and heavy eye makeup. I get them wet and use them just as I would a makeup wipe before I wash my face. I don't even find that using face wash or soap is needed to remove the makeup, the cloth does just fine on its own.

3. Purchase reusable grocery bags and mesh produce bags for when you grocery shop. 

You can get reusable grocery bags at just about any store and I've found mesh produce bags on Amazon for super cheap. I like to keep them in my trunk so I never forget them.

4. If you do purchase single-use plastic try and reuse it before you throw it away. 

For example, refill a plastic bottle a few times before you throw it out or rinse and reuse plastic utensils.

5. Make sure to rinse out any plastic, glass or cans before you recycle them. 

If you didn't know any food containers that aren't rinsed out end up in landfills rather than being reused. Always make sure to rinse and scrub any food residue before you put recyclables into the bin.

6. Buy a set of wooden utensils and a reusable straw to keep in your bag or car for when you go out to eat. 

This eliminates your need to use any plastic utensils and straws that fast food restaurants have.

7. Cut down your use of paper towels by using washcloths when you clean. 

They can be easily washed and reused when you're done and you'll save so much paper.

8. Turn making things that come in plastic like cleaning products and condiments into a fun DIY project. 

There are tons of recipes out there online. When you finish up a product rinse and save the bottle it comes in and try making your own and storing it in that container. I've made my own ketchup before and I honestly think it tastes much better.

9. When grocery shopping, try and buy products that come in cardboard rather than plastic. 

In general, cardboard is more likely to actually be recycled than plastic. Boxed over bagged pasta or rice is a great example.

10. Skip buying pre-cut and packaged produce. 

I know its tempting to buy the already diced pineapple but it comes in an unnecessary amount of plastic and is often more expensive for less food.