Ways To Get Into The Holiday Spirit
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Ways To Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Having trouble being jolly this season? Worry no more! Here are some ideas and traditions to ho-ho-help you!

Ways To Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Having trouble being jolly this holiday? With finals and the stress of school, no doubt it's been hard for some to feel very festive. But do not fear! Here are some traditions my family does and other ways to help even ol' Scrooge get into the Christmas spirit!

1. Christmas Movie night with the fam!

Cuddle up near the fire with some blankets and hot cocoa and grab your favorite Christmas movie. Some good ones are Elf, The Polar Express, and the Grinch!

2. Play in the snow.

No matter how old you are, you are never too old to play in the snow. If you live in place that gets it, go outside and enjoy it! Release your inner kid and see how fast you get into the spirit!

3. Decorate!

Help your mom put up the tree and play some Christmas music while you do! This always gets me in the holiday spirit! I tend to start my decorating the day after Thanksgiving... oops. You can also spend time with the family by decorating cookies! This always brings out my inner child because I'm clumsy so most of the sprinkles end up on the pan and the floor rather than the cookies!

4. Christmas shop for your favorite people!

Go out and buy presents for your family, friends, teachers, whoever! Giving is receiving when you know you're making someone smile on Christmas morning when they open your gift!

5. Have a Christmas party!

Invite your friends and family and have hot cocoa, egg nog, Christmas music, movies, and holiday treats! Maybe have an ugly sweater theme or dress as festive as possible!

6. Adopt a foster child for Christmas!

My family did this when I was younger and it was so much fun to shop for a little kid close to my age at the time. I liked picking stuff out for her and thinking about her smile on Christmas morning when she opens them and knows that someone cares about her.

7. Drive around and look at Christmas lights!

This is a tradition on Christmas Eve-Eve for my family. Every year on the 23rd, we go to this little pizza place and then drive around a local neighborhood notorious for their Christmas lights! This always gets me in the spirit because it's so close to Christmas and it's a tradition that we've had for several years.

8. Start a Christmas tradition!

There are tons of options for creating a tradition with your family and I've included a link here !

Happy Holidays everyone!

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