12 Ways Democrats Can Take Back the White House in 2020

12 Ways Democrats Can Take Back the White House in 2020

Here are a few ways the dems can get back in the white house in four years

Liberty Blitzkreig

I recently saw my first full episode of "Real Time with Bill Maher". In the episode I watched, Maher talked about a plan for democrats to take back the white house in 2020. After some thoughts about it, I agree with some of he said. That got me thinking, what are some ways Democrats can win the 2020 election. So, if you would so please listen to me, here are some ways to win back the white house in 2020.

Before we get the countdown going, please check out "Real Time with Bill Maher" like I said, it will really help with your reading as it will make sense as I bring some points that Maher made during the episode. Let's begin.

1. Let Bernie Go: I have seen a lot of posts on Facebook saying that they want Bernie Sanders to run again. While it may be good for the party, it won't happen. Bernie Sanders is 75 years old, meaning in 2020, he will be 79 years old. Joe Biden is in his 70s, they wouldn't let him run for President.

2. Get a candidate who can bring people to rallies: This is actually a point Bill Maher brought up. One thing that President Elect Donald Trump did well, was getting people to rallies. While Clinton was a good fundraiser, she couldn't bring people to rallies. Get someone who can attract people to rallies, because you need someone that has a big name like "Trump".

3. Get a likable candidate: Trump and Clinton were the two most despised candidates in the past few elections, it's common knowledge. Get someone who people can get behind, someone who doesn't have a lot of controversy for the election, and get someone who will be likely to be the nominee for the democratic party. Sorry, but Bernie didn't have a chance.

4. Get a candidate who can say 'f you' to the senate: Get a candidate who will basically stand up to "The bully republicans". Someone like Anthony Weiner. Yes, his scandals are pretty bad for even a president, but he is one of the few people who can say basically 'f you'. Again, something Bill Maher brought up.

5. Stop being "PC": While there is some need to be "PC" when it comes to certain issues, it needs to be something that we as a culture need to stop being. While doing well among certain minorities, Clinton missed a group that is kind of important, white dudes. What to do about this, stop posting crap like "Check your privilege". This is actually another point Bill Maher brought up and I 100% agree with him on that.

6. Don't exclude the blue collar workers: Trump won in Michigan and Wisconson, the car-making states in the U.S. Do more to get those states blue than red. Tour those states, make promises to the blue collar working class.

7. Bring significant change in your platform: Clinton's problem was that she didn't have any significant change on her platform. Trump did. Will he keep it, who knows, but it was changed to the Obama administration that he wants to change that his huge.

8. No Celebrities at your rallies: It is fun to surprise your supporters with a Jay-Z and Beyonce concert, but in the long run, it will not be effective. It's okay to have one or two a month but get politicians and war heroes. A lot of celebrities will make it feel like a fundraiser rather than a rally.

9. Don't say you will move to a different country: You won't even move, because of money to move. It just gives conservatives fire. This goes to the same to conservatives as well.

10. Don't make petitions: The electoral college made up their minds, I don't think they will look at the popular vote.

11. Give Trump A Chance: We as a country don't know how he is going to be a president. We will see after his first hundred days as president. Remain optimistic about what he could do that is good.

12. Love everyone: Yes. If you are a democrat, love republicans and third party. The same goes for republicans. We are all Americans, we are all patriots, we are someone's loved one and friend, become friends again.

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