A Way Too Early 2020 NFL Mock Draft
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A Way Too Early 2020 NFL Mock Draft

2020 NFL Mock Draft

A Way Too Early 2020 NFL Mock Draft

While the NFL season truly hasn't started yet, camps are underway, and people have a feel for what to expect this fall. The order of the picks are based are ESPN's BPI simulated amount of wins for each NFL team. All these picks are projections and some of these players are sophomores and could choose to stay in school until the 2021 Draft.

1. Miami Dolphins

1. A.J. Espensa DE Iowa


A lot of experts believe it will be a QB or a DE here if Miami has the pick. While Miami traded for QB Josh Rosen during this draft it was at a low expense considering his potential worth. With that being said, I think Miami will choose Defense. If they are to get the number one pick, but don't be surprised if they pick a QB like Tua.

2. Cincinnati Bengals

2. Justin Herbert QB Oregon


Herbert could have very well been the no.1 QB in the 2019 Draft class, but he chose to stay another year at Oregon. Zac Taylor the new head coach for the Bengals could be looking for his QB next year. Considering they have no plans of re-signing Andy Dalton. Herbert is 6'6 with great play-making ability some do believe Tua or Fromm could be the better QB from this class, but we will see.

3. Arizona Cardinals

3. Chase Young DE Ohio St


Chase Young is next in line, and while he isn't part of the Bosa Family, he should be as big as them. He could definitely make a case for the number one pick before Espensa. This works out for the Cards who skipped out on Defensive line in this year's draft which kinda makes sense considering the new head coach is offensive minded.

4. New York Giants

4. Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama


With a lot of young talent on this team, why not add possibly the best WR in the country? I mean he did win the award for that. After trading Odell this off-season many people aren't sure that this team will be that good, and I would assume that? Daniel Jones will be the starter at least by next season which is perfect to give a great WR.

5. Buffalo Bills

5. Tee Higgins WR Clemson


One receiver after another, this class has some talent at that position, and that is for sure. Young QB Josh Allen needs more people to throw to, and who better than Tee Higgins who showed out during this year's National Championship game?

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6. Tua Tagavolia QB Alabama


It's hard to say if the Buccaneers are ready to move on from Jaemis Winston, but his contract is up this year, and if he doesn't show signs of improvement it could very well happen. Tua has proved that he can play at an elite level it will honestly almost be a shocker if he makes it past the first few picks.

7.Washington Redskins

7. Andrew Thomas OL Georgia


Monstrous size and plays very well in a downhill offense which means he could easily be built for almost any offense. This makes him almost the most valuable tackle in this class. Trey Adams and Trey Smith could make a case for number one tackle in this class, but I think it will be close and depends on who can stay the most consistent down the stretch this season. The Redskins could use the upgrade. Their current all-pro tackle Trent Williams isn't getting younger, and they will need someone to protect rookie QB Dwayne Haskins down the stretch.

8. Oakland Raiders

8. Derrick Brown DL Auburn


Gruden would love to add another big man to his defense, and with two first round picks in next years draft they could go many different ways to build a strong defense that sets the tone. This would be a great addition. Brown is strong and can make plays in the backfield all day.

9. New York Jets

9. Laviska Shenault WR Colorado


One of my favorite players in college football last season, Shenault, proved he could do it all from wide receiver to running back to kick and punt returns. He even threw the ball once. He had found himself in Heisman talks last year and may easily be in that spot again this year provided with another sold season. Shenault is very agile and can make plays all over the field. He has quick instincts and would provide the Jets with a very efficient product for young QB Sam Darnold.

10. Detroit Lions

10. Raekwon Davis DL Alabama


Detroit has done well improving the Defense since Head Coach Matt Patrica came in, and someone like Davis could truly take them to the next level. He is a force to reckon with as he has wrecked offenses since arriving at Bama. He has great size and would fit in beautifully in Detroit where he could play on the outside or inside.

11. Denver Broncos

11. Dylan Mosses LB Alabama


Coming out of high school Mosses was considered one of the best linebackers in the country in his recruiting class, but he hasn't reached his full potential yet. He has good size and speed and could make a good linebacker at the next level. I think he could come out with a similar draft grade to this year's 5th pick Devin White.

12. San Francisco 49ers

12. CJ Henderson CB Florida


Henderson has a lot of potential. He could be better than the last few corners to come out of Florida, and that says a little about him. He makes plays and isn't someone QB's want to throw to his side of the field. He would be a perfect pairing for aging CB Richard Sherman. The 49ers have done a lot to improve the interior and most of the D-line. Now it's time to fully piece together the secondary.

13. Carolina Panthers

13. Albert Okwuegbunam TE Mizzou


Greg Olsen isn't getting any younger. It's time to find a replacement. Albert O has been pretty productive in his time at Mizzou and should very well continue that production down the road. While he will be playing with a different QB this season, I think he will do well. He is a pretty good blocker and doesn't do too bad when lined up at wide-out. He fits the mold for today's NFL TE and will have a high ceiling.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars

14. Walker Little OL Stanford


Little could be a good fit for the Jags here. If they were to look at O-line two years ago they looked like a pretty well-rounded team, but even then they had some holes on the O-line. While they lucked out and got Jawaan Taylor in the second round, they could use some help on the O-line and people are still uncertain on Taylor's future because of an apparent knee injury.

15.Dallas Cowboys

15. Grant Delpit S LSU


Delpit could very well end up being a top ten. He brings the intensity that Eric Barry or Tyrannu Mathaeu brought that energy is what every coach wants on their defense. He can play Strong or Free Safety or even in the Nickle, a very versatile player. If he puts up another good season look for him to go high. The Cowboys would love a situation like this. Delpit could really elevate that Defense and give them a special piece for years to come.

16.  Seattle Seahawks

16. Trey Adams OL Washington


Had it not been for an injury Adams most likely would have been selected in this year's first round. Adams has great size at 6'8. It's surprising how good his mechanics are. Some people are worried his back injury will impact his future, but he seems to have recovered well and should have a good future in the NFL. The Seahawks are professional traders when it comes to draft time, so it would be a true shocker if they don't trade back here, but they do have a thing for local products, and Adams, if healthy, would be a huge upgrade to the O-line that protects the highest paid QB Russel Wilson.

17. Tennessee Titans

17. Jake Fromm QB Georgia


Jake Fromm proved last season he could have been one of the better QB's in this year's draft, but he wasn't of age yet. Fromm has a lot of potential to be a great NFL QB one day, but he has to find the right team. I think he could be picked higher with his potential. The reason I have the Titans as his destination is that most experts see them taking a QB next year. With the class having a lot of talent at the position and Mariota being on the last year of his contract, He could be on his way out if he doesn't step up to his potential this season.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers

18. Trey Smith OL Tennessee


Trey Smith could be the first tackle off the board next year. He has high upsides. His mechanics are pretty good, and he has great size. He should complement whatever team that takes him.

19. Baltimore Ravens

19. Isaiah Simmons LB Clemson


Clemson like Alabama has become the farm for young talent. Simmons is one of those upcoming players. He can provide talent like the number 4 pick in this years draft, Clelin Ferrell. They both have similar playing styles. He can play the edge or playback at linebacker.

20. Minnesota Vikings

20. Tommy Kraemer OL Notre Dame


The Vikings could still use some help on their O-line and someone like Kraemer could very well just be that help. Notre Dame has produced some good linemen in the last couple of years, and he may be the next big one. He would help the O-line protect their huge investment in QB Kirk Cousins.

21. Cleveland Browns

21. Terrel Lewis S Alabama


The Browns haven't truly answered the question on who's their starting safety. I think the addition of someone like Lewis would be a real upgrade to their young secondary. Lewis like many other Bama players in this draft class has a lot of potential.

22. Atlanta Falcons

22. Curtis Weaver DE/ OLB Boise St


Weaver has shown promise since his freshman year. He has good range and would help the Falcons a lot if this was to be where things end up this time next year. Weaver has good size, and the Falcons could look at a lot of different options here, but I think this could be the best one.

23. Green Bay Packers

23. Johnathon Taylor RB Wisconsin


Taylor didn't only put up an impressive run last fall that lead to him being a Heisman candidate, but he has also done well in track this spring. If Taylor remains healthy he could find himself in a good spot come next year's draft. I believe Taylor would be a great fit for the Packers who have decent running backs now, but Taylor would be a more solid option and would help take the ease off of Rodgers.

24. Houston Texans

24. Jaylon Johnson CB Utah


Johnson is a very versatile player, and I, myself am eager to see what he can do this coming fall as he has shown high upside this past season. He could develop into a really good player if he stays healthy and finds the right fit at the next level. The Texans could look to add help in the secondary, and I think Johnson would be a great fit here.

25. Los Angeles Chargers

25. Collin Johnson WR Texas


Johnson should be a big-time target this coming season at UT. He has range and has been productive when healthy. The Chargers could be looking for another wideout to go along side their duo in Allen and Williams. They could also look at a replacement for Philip Rivers pending his future.

26. Philadelphia Eagles

26. Kenny Wilekes OLB Michigan St


Wilekes has been productive at Michigan State and should be first-round talent come next year's draft. He would be a good fit in Philly as they could use some help on the Edge with the retirement of Long, and with others getting up in age.

27. Oakland Raiders * via trade with ( Chicago Bears)

27. Kristain Fulton CB LSU


LSU may seriously be DBU, and with that being said, Fulton is next in line at the cornerback position given a good season. This year he should most definitely be a first-round pick. I think the Raiders would be a good fit for someone like Fulton who has a lot of potential. Also, this pick is from the Khalil Mack trade of last season.

28.  Indianapolis Colts

28. Nick Coe DL Auburn


The Colts seem to have something good going with Head Coach Frank Reich. They put together a pretty impressive run last year and could look to do so again this season. With that being said, they have put together a good amount of talent of some sort to help on the defensive line which is where a player such as Coe could come in and make a big impact. He can play on the outside or the inside he would be a great acquisition.

29. Los Angeles Rams

29. Xavier Mckinney DB Alabama


While the Rams were heavy on defense in this year's draft, they could look to add more solid depth come next year. They have some older players in the secondary such as CB Aqib Talib and FS Eric Weddle that aren't getting any younger, and someone like Xavier could help with that as he can play at Safety or at Corner.

30. New England Patriots

30. Colby Parkison TE Stanford


The Patriots didn't go after a replacement for Gronk during this year's draft, therefore, this could be their guy. In coming next year he has a lot of similar attributes to that of Gronk and would fit in well in New England.

31. New Orleans Saints

31. Malik Harrson LB Ohio st


The Saints could use this opportunity to find Drew Bress's replacement here, but according to Head Coach Sean Payton, backup, Teddy Bridgewater is that answer. Find the QB of the defense and Malik would be that guy. He brings a lot of intensity and would be great for the Saints considering he plays for Ohio State, and that seems to be a type they like.

32. Kansas City Chiefs

32. Travis Etienne RB Clemson


A true replacement for Kareem Hunt the Chiefs may have short term options right now, but Etienne could be their long term answer at running back. Etienne has been very productive at Clemson and should continue at the next level.

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