15 Reasons To Watch The Greatest Show On HGTV, "Fixer Upper"
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15 Reasons To Watch The Greatest Show On HGTV, "Fixer Upper"

From their sweet southern charm to creating their clients' dream homes, Chip and Jo do it all the best.

15 Reasons To Watch The Greatest Show On HGTV, "Fixer Upper"

In my household, my mother has total control of the remote for the television. She is a dictator in terms of what is being watched on the living room screen, and she's either catching up on shows she recorded or she's watching a romance film on Lifetime. If my brothers and I are in the room with her, she may change it to a more popular movie... but that's only if we steal the remote.

So only on rare occasions do you see my father with the remote in his hand and his recliner leaned back. It is only when my mom is at work or we are all going to bed when he gets to sneak in some screen time. But in one instance, a Sunday to be exact, my father beat my mother to the remote after church, and he got to put on what he wanted. He quickly punched in the channel number for HGTV, and a show called "Fixer Upper" came on. My mom and I rolled our eyes, not wanting to learn how to make a door out of metal or how to build your own koi pond. But being supportive of my father's wishes, we continued to watch.

Ever since that day, we have been hooked. "Fixer Upper" is now one of our few favorite shows we love to watch, no matter if it is a new episode or another re-run. My dad smiles proudly as we ask him to put on "Fixer Upper," and my mother and I sit and bask in the greatness of each episode. We just love it, and if you give it a shot, you will fall in love with it too.

1. It is the epitome of ‘southern charm.’

From the southern accents to the friendliness of the community, Waco, Texas, and the surrounding little towns, this show is the epitome of what a southern small town would be like. Not a lot of hustle and bustle, more quaint downtowns, and a lot of ‘sweet talk’ fills this show with that extra charm most of our nation needs.

2. You develop a small-town appreciation.

Like I said, with each small town this show visits, you develop a sort of jealousy towards the people who live there. A downtown with one main strip, ‘mom and pop’ restaurants and shops, and dirt roads lined with oak trees. With each show you watch, the more a small town seems like your next destination for either a vacation or even relocation for your family.

3. Compared to popular markets, each house is a steal.

The clients get the biggest bang out their buck on this show. The super cheap market sure does offer a lot of wiggle room for the clients' wallet and for dreams to come true when each client purchases their fixer-upper. A two-story house with plenty of acreage in Texas goes for the same price as a small two-bedroom apartment in Miami. The market is just insane, which making the show even more interesting.

4. A fixer-upper is never too much for this show.

‘Taking the worst home in the neighborhood into the client’s dream home’ is the motto of this show. These fixer-uppers are surely places that need a good fixing. But no matter how much work needs to be done, and no matter how many hiccups may come up, this show is always ready for it. It’s amazing how each property is so unique, and how with so many challenges in their way, Chip and Joanna can transform anything into a true fixer upper.

5. Shorty is the #1 hype man of the century.

If you watch this show, you know Shorty. And if you don’t watch this show, you’ll immediately fall in love with Shorty. He is in almost every episode, and he is sometimes the best part of the show. He’s Joanna’s second right-hand man and Chip’s first. He is busting through walls, tearing down shiplap, running into things, giving Chip a scare and lifting Joanna’s spirit. Shorty is a key member of each project, and even though he is more on the sidelines of production, he for sure has the capability to steal the spotlight every once in a while.

6. Chip’s antics make you laugh until you tear up.

Get ready to laugh until your stomach hurts while watching Chip perform his theatrical performances in every episode. Chip’s antics are insane and almost too much to bear because they are so funny. From making bets with clients to screaming from excitement, Chip is like a little kid who can’t contain his overly energetic spirit. His humor and spunk keeps the show beyond entertaining, and he keeps you laughing from start to the end.

7. Demo day becomes your favorite day.

Breaking anything has never seemed more exciting until now. As they are shiplap shredding, cabinet crushing, brick breaking and window whacking, all you want to do is go and completely redo your own house the same way. Tearing down what needs to be fixed is the first main step of each project, and it sure looks like a great party based on the show.

8. Joanna’s kindness for people teaches you something.

Joanna Gaines has to be one of the sweetest souls of this Earth. Her joy for life, for her husband, for her children, friends, co-workers, and clients really shows you how happiness is more valuable than any dollar amount in your bank account. The way Joanna spreads her joy teaches you as a viewer that happiness is really the key to success.

9. The style is always classic yet unique for each project.

White walls, clean counters, and simple decorations are both predictable but classic for this show. Each project always ends up looking so clean and simple, but as the design is described and the house is previewed, you notice all of the uniqueness of each house. The flow of the house, the outdoor appearance, and even the kitchen is always unique for each house; but you can tell that they all have the same ‘Gaines’ classic touch to it.

10. Chip and Joanna are extreme couple goals.

I kid you not; these two are the cutest couple and are extreme goals when it comes to a beautiful relationship. Chip gets excited every time Jo is around, and Jo smiles every time Chip walks into the room. She is amazed by his abilities to transform a home, and he praises her for her eye for design as the project comes full circle. He buys fireworks and builds her dream bakery, she laughs at his jokes and throws him surprise birthday parties. These two do everything for each other, without question or hesitation. They truly love each other, and it is so nice to see two people who really love each other take on life together.

11. You get to watch their kids grow up.

If you aren’t convinced already, wait until you see their kids. 4, soon to be 5, little Gaines children make little surprise cameos on the show all the time, and they do beat their parents when it comes to cuteness.

12. The overall joy of each client brings you to tears.

These clients are completely shocked every single show. To see the clients scream, cry, and jump for joy when they are revealed their dream home is something special. It makes all the hard work for Chip and Jo worth it, and it makes each show extra heartfelt.

13. The end product surely does make it worth it.

I mean if they can take a completely trashed, smelly house built in the 1800s and make it into a newly modern and clean new home, you could do it too. The end product of each house is amazing, and it gives you an idea of how any project is not too big and can be done with some extra sweat and some strategic planning. The way these homes turn out really represents how hard work pays off.

14. There’s nothing fake about it -- just straight business and family.

There are no surprises to the clients, no extra fluff to fill the minutes of the show, and there is nothing fake about these people. Chip is doing the hard physical work, taking down projects with his coworkers, sweating up a storm, and doing it himself. And Jo is there designing and using her inventory to make the project beautiful. These two aren’t just the face of the show; they are the reasons for the show. They mean their business and never try to cheat out a client of their dream. They work hard for each project, keeping it in the budget, transforming their clients’ concerns into their dreams, and they do it with pure honesty and joy for helping others.

15. After all of the popularity, they still remain humble and hungry.

As their publicity has grown, their business has boomed, and their names have been heard around the HGTV world, the Gaines family still remains true to who they are. They have grown in southern charm, they have enhanced their small town to a big community, they have helped those in need, they have overcome obstacles, they have removed a lot of the ugly and made it into beauty, they have fixed what was needed to be fixed, and they have built up what needed to be built up. They have raised a gentle-hearted family, and last, but not least, they have accomplished more than they could have ever dreamt of. Yet, this is still just the beginning. This show has come a long way, opening many opportunities for this family, and it surely has been a journey. A journey you should become a part of by watching their seasons before the show finally comes to a close after season five this year.

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