"Oh, you were homeschooled."

First things first... Nowhere in the definition of the word "homeschool" does antisocial, weird, Dugger Family like or uneducated. Homeschooling is simply another wonderful form of education.

A good education CAN take place anywhere.

But... For some reason beyond my human comprehension, everyone seems to think they need to put their personal input in when it comes to the way parents decision to educate their children.

Here's the way I look at it, you have to do what is best for you and your child. It isn't about what statistics or troll of a Facebook friend tells you.

Please hear me out for a second here, I went to public school through the fourth grade, was dual enrolled at my homeschool and public community college through high school and now I am attending a public college. I have nothing against public school, I was given an immense amount of my education (and continue to be given) within the walls of a public school and I'm so thankful for those opportunities. And while I'm at it, I have nothing against private and charter school education. Because I don't have to right to tell anyone how they should educate their child.

I was given the diversity of different forms of education and I am thankful we live in a country where we can choose the form/forms of education we desire.

Which is why I can't seem to comprehend the stereotypes given to the homeschool world.

I get it, some homeschooled kids sit around in their pajamas all day, watching every series Netflix has to offer.

I get it, some people don't educate in a proper way. But that in no way means these scenarios are the case for everyone who chooses to homeschool as a form of education.

It's so bad, being homeschooled isn't ever a fun fact I share when I first meet someone.

People look at you differently when you say you were homeschooled. They stereotype you and almost make you feel as though you're plagued.

I was homeschooled in a way that was beneficial to my education but also my well being. I was challenged with a rigorous curriculum, but I was also given the opportunity to travel. I was submerged in real life situations.

I learned how to communicate with people who don't look like I do and with people who don't believe what I do. I was challenged to see people for who they are.

I wasn't secluded to my home every day. I was involved in everything I could be involved in. And I will literally talk to anyone, and I don't believe that's the definition of anti-social.

I didn't sit around in my pajamas and watch tv all day. I woke up and got dressed by 8 am, per my teacher/mothers request. I spent the minimum of 6 hours doing coursework every day, and even more, as I grew older.

I spent my junior and senior years of high school dual enrolled in a public community college and graduated with my associate's degree in science with high honors and a 3.95 GPA just 3 months after I walked the stage for my high school diploma, in which I completed with well over a 4.0 GPA.

I'm now enrolled at a public university, involved with the Honors College and Junior Editor for the school newspaper. I am a little over a year from graduating with my BA in Psychology, and I will graduate only months after I turn 20. I'm now beginning the process of creating application's for graduate school, with plans of obtaining my Psy.D in clinical psychology.

I don't share any of this to brag about myself. I promise I don't. I share it to say success DOES come from homeschooled kids.

Famous and successful people such as Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, C.S. Lewis, Leonardo da Vinci, Tim Tebow, Andrew Carnegie, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Justin Timberlake, Orville and Wilbur Wright and Pierre Curie were homeschooled. You don't view any of those names as uneducated or stupid, do you?

Sucess can come from any form of education and from any setting. It isn't limited. Education can come from anywhere and from anyone.

Homeschooling isn't a bad thing. Public schooling isn't a bad thing. Private schooling isn't a bad thing. And Charter schooling isn't a bad thing.

Education is best given when a student is comfortable and happy, what a beautiful thing.

I for one am thankful for my homeschool education, so shoutout to my wonderful parents/teachers