Whether you're feeling down or just bored, these videos are almost guaranteed to make you LOL. (Hi Mom, it's laugh out loud not lots of love, but love you). Click the link in the titles to watch and smile!

1. Dachshund puppy eats banana

The Dodo

2. Cow playing in the grass

Crazy Animals/ENT TNE (YouTube)

3. Vine may have died, but these vines never will

We The Unicorns

4. My mom put oil on the bird feeder

UNILAD/ Great Interesting Funny (GIF)

5. Children are the future

We the Unicorns

6. Twelve days of Christmas

Travis Janousek

7. The Ultimate Dog Tease

Talking Animals

8. James Veitch is a terrible roommate

Team Coco via Conan on TBS

9. I write sins not tragedies kazoo cover

Izzy Humair

10. Principals psychology experiment

Ryan Storch