Social Media Leaves Me Longing For The Old Days @Humanity
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Student Life

Social Media Leaves Me Longing For The Old Days @Humanity

Things are not the same as they used to be in today's digital world.

Social Media Leaves Me Longing For The Old Days @Humanity
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Every day it is the same routine, I wake up, lie in my bed, check my phone, and mentally prepare for the day. When I check my phone, I scroll through the latest pics on Instagram, see the newest updates on Facebook, funny posts on Twitter and goofy snaps on Snapchat.

But after checking all my social media, I am already comparing myself to others and their lives. Their looks, their clothes, their vacations, everything. Do not get me wrong, social media is a great way to stay in touch with people and can be used in positive ways like sharing pics with family and friends.

But I only seem to focus on the negative. I seem to wonder if things would be simpler and days would be happier or more fulfilling without all the craziness of my phone. Sitting at restaurants with friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend, they are on their phone. You are telling a great story and then they get sidetracked by a more important message on their phone than your story. It makes me feel less important. It makes me think there are better conversations to be had out there on our phones.

I see the same thing in my classes. You walk into class, it is dead silent and awkward because everyone is on their phone. No one wants to get to know people anymore. Make new friendships, listen to others, bond over experiences; it is all done over the phone. If we took all the phones away maybe people would talk to each other in class, people would listen to others better and we would not be the "me" generation we are.

Social media also creates trust issues. Bet you did not see that one coming. These are not the days anymore where I was hanging out at home watching the latest episode of Lizzie McGuire and my mom yells over to me that I have someone calling me on the landline. People called me because they wanted to hang out, plan a date and time to do it. They put in the effort to go through the risk of getting caught talking to my mom first before I was on the phone. If a guy was calling, he would call the landline, before cell phones were all the rage. They had to actually call. Scary isn't it for them?

Now, all it seems to be is, "Hey girl, what is your Snapchat?" It takes no effort to do it and creates issues for people in relationships. There is always that thought in the back of your mind, who all do they snap or text and are they just friends? Instead of the basic phone call where conversations were actually fulfilling and meaningful. Now a conversation is a bunch of emojis and short words. It is so easy to me for guys to cheat now. They might not even plan on cheating or doing anything.

But, once they start snapping that girl you have no clue about, all thoughts race through your head. How did he even get her snap, why?

What is the point? Snapchat to me has become the easiest way for people to start cheating. It creates trust issues, and guys are very visual people so you cannot help but wonder, what are other girls sending them. Are they just a friend or is there something more happening? You will never truly know because the snap goes away and poofs. It literally erases the damage or questionable behavior.

I have talked to so many girls and the biggest thing that creates issues is social media. Trust is lost, or if there is any left, little remains. People are fearful to get into relationships with the fear of their partner cheating or not being completely faithful in the relationship. Even at the beginning stages, a girl cannot help but wonder "dang I really like this guy, I am snap chatting him but am I only the one? Can I be replaced?"

It is so easy to feel replaceable or not good enough in today's world that has become so digital and sexualized. Girls in relationships hope they are good enough with their flaws even though this world seems to make guys think there is always something better.

To me, I miss the simplicity of the old days. There was no Snapchat to worry about, or direct message conversations on Facebook to worry about. Because at the end of the day, how meaningful is that? It was easier to pick up the phone, call someone and feel like you were enough because they went through the effort to dial that number and remember you. You could hear their voice and it was more fulfilling to you.

Sometimes I wish I could push a rewind button to the days where the digital world did not take over people's lives. Maybe fewer people would be hurt and maybe fewer people would feel replaceable.

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