Why am I writing an article about Planned Parenthood you ask?

Well, because our current president, Donald Trump is attempting to stop funding for Planned Parenthood completely. So, what does this mean? Well, let me explain. Donald Trump didn't want the government funding money towards abortions.

Contrary to his belief, Planned Parenthood helps women's health service and that's where the funding goes, not the abortions. He then explained he is pro-life, in which he is fully against abortions, but still wants to contribute towards women's health like cancer screenings.

It is very important to me and other women to be able to have easy access to the health services Planned Parenthood provides, and with the lack of support and funding from our government, this could cause Planned Parenthood to collapse. It’s important that every single woman gets the opportunity to decide her own destiny; with Planned Parenthood, she can.

I am pro-choice and I am proud.

I am pro-choice because I think it’s important to view the circumstances of everyone's situation. Birth control, condoms, all of that is not always reliable. Condoms break, and sometimes birth control isn’t always taken properly. At Planned Parenthood, they also provide a service called “Patient Education” in which they help women learn how to take their birth control properly, consequences of not using, as well as educate them on their sexual health. Abortions are available at Planned Parenthood for teenagers or people who just are not fully ready to have a baby yet. It is completely and totally their choice. Being pro-choice isn't being a baby killer or any of the negative connotations that it comes with. It means I cherish my body and have the authority to decide what to do with it. Every woman should have a choice to do what they please with their body, and not be judged for it.

Planned Parenthood stresses the importance of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing.

This website, provides information on when you should get tested including if you're having casual sex, you're just starting a relationship and various more instances. I know getting tested can be scary, but it is important to be proactive about your health and your sexual health. Planned Parenthood provides all types of STD testing which can be paid for with health insurance, making it very easily accessible if you are showing symptoms or are having sexual relations with a new partner. News flash: Just because you haven’t had 10 partners and have only had 1-3, that does not matter. You can still get STDs from one person. I think that's why the stigma for getting tested has such a bad connotation, but I’m telling you now, it’s healthy. Whether you have had 1 partner or 10, you still can get an STD.

It is a judgment-free zone.

Okay, so you’re telling me you didn’t use protection? Well, Planned Parenthood isn’t going to judge you. Because I know for a fact if you visit your OB/GYN, they will give you a strong lecture on that topic. It is important to get a strong support system when you’re anxious about something like STDs. If you’re being judged for your past mistakes, then the process will only be negative for you. Planned Parenthood provides a friendly staff that you may not receive at your OB/GYN or a regular caregiver.

They provide so many resources.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it just an abortion clinic? It is absolutely not. Planned Parenthood provides cancer screenings, emergency contraceptives, pregnancy tests, birth control, as well as HIV and STD testing. Planned Parenthood provides so many services for women who need them, as well as men can go there to get STD testing as well. They also provide breast exams, cervical cancer screenings, and a women's yearly pap test. Here's a full list of all of the resources they provide.

They don’t just want your money. They genuinely care and make their services affordable for this reason.

At Planned Parenthood, they have a system in which they accept most insurance plans. Before your visit, you can look on their website that provides a list of insurance providers they accept. But, don't worry, if you’re uninsured, they make all of their testing and screenings very affordable. A reason why I significantly care for this organization so much is because they truly care about women and keeping their sexual health as healthy as possible.

They want to spread the word of using contraceptives and the importance of loving your body and taking care of it, at such an affordable cost. Planned Parenthood wants the people who may not be able to pay for that OB/GYN visit to be able to be healthy as well, and I think that's extremely important. If you have an STD and leave it untreated, it can cause various risks including infertility, that's why its so important to be aware.

These are just a few reasons why Planned Parenthood is such an amazing organization. They care for you, they take your problems seriously, and they will offer support to you throughout your entire visit. It’s important for us to keep providing funding to them because they encourage women to care about their sexual health. Any donation counts, and you can donate as little or as much as possible on their website. It is important to continue to fight for women’s rights and stand up for our own rights, our own choices, and our own health.