Everyone likes good food. It’s important to find good places to eat when you move to a new place. That’s what I believe all my Peace Corps friends have done. We have scoped out the delicious food places so that we have a place to go when we need to go into town. For me, I needed to find western food places. That way, when I had American food cravings or I missed home I had places to go that make me feel a little bit like I am in America. I am going to talk about my five favorite places to go to eat in my country of service. I know that you all won’t really know what I am talking about since you don’t know where I live but you can imagine a little bit more about my life in the country.

One Heart Collective

One heart is a coffee shop that makes me feel like I am back at my favorite coffee shops in my hometown of Roseville. It has absolutely the best chai tea lattes in all of my country of service, as well as amazing grilled cheese, and some pretty bomb breakfast burritos. I almost forgot about the cinnamon rolls.

But I don’t go there just for the food. I go there because the atmosphere is amazing. I can sit in this coffee shop all day long. The workers are friendly and the prices are affordable. When I go into town this is hands down my first stop because we always need coffee first.

The Deli

I absolutely love sandwiches and salads. The Deli has that and so much more. They also have some of the best milkshakes, lemonades, and smoothies. I like going to the deli first for the food but second for the seating. They have beautiful outdoor seating that allows you to sit in the fresh air but still have access to wifi.

They also have a shop with incredible meats, wines, and so much more for sale. I would have to say, however, that my favorite thing about The Deli is that you can create your own sandwich, salad, or wrap. I don’t always go to The Deli, but it is hands down my favorite.


I love Mexican food, so very much! This is the only solid place in my country of service to get good Mexican food. You can get tacos, enchiladas, nachos, and so much more. Let me be honest it’s not California Mexican food but it hands down fills the void and I can handle that. They also have the best chips and salsa which is probably the best part of Sonrisa. I believe that Sonrisa is hands down a hidden gem of my town. It’s basically because it’s hard to fine.

Miso Garden

This one doesn’t need much explanation. It is sushi and Korean BBQ. If I am honest I have never had the Korean BBQ because this girl is a sushi girl so that’s all she gets. However, for a land locked country it’s really good sushi. They also have pot stickers which are another favorite of mine. I have not been disappointed by Miso Garden which is really nice because I love Sushi and I love that I can get it in my country of service because I thought I was gonna need to go two years without eating it.


This is a sushi restaurant that is a quite fancy and more expensive but it tastes so good it doesn’t matter. Not to mention I don’t get into the capital much where the sushi is so it’s worth it tenfold. They also have pot stickers and miso soup. Honestly the fact that I have found two sushi restaurants in country thrills me. This is the one food I can eat every day and I don’t have to go two years without it like I thought.

Now there are other restaurants in my country of service that I love going to that I didn’t mention. Places to eat, hang out, and feel at home. Like the best possible Indian food, some good pizza, burgers and so much more. Not going to lie I think it was important to several of us volunteers to find good food. That’s always what we plan our trips around is the food we want to eat.