5 Amazing Experiences At Walt Disney World

There's nothing like a magical vacation in the most magical place on Earth- Walt Disney World Resort. When you experience magic like this, every vacation after will seem to pale in comparison. if you're planning a trip soon, or maybe even hoping for a trip in the future sometime- here's five experiences that you don't want to miss/will never forget!

1. Your Very First Trip

There's nothing like arriving on Disney Property in Lake Buena Vista, FL. You enter under the sign and you can feel the entire atmosphere shift. All the cares of the real world goes away, and you walk into the world of magic. There's simply nothing like it, and it's not an experience you'll ever forget.

2. Seeing the Castle for the First Time

This kind of goes with number one, but there's nothing cooler than entering the Magic Kingdom and walking down Main Street USA staring in awe of the magnificent castle before you. You can't help but stare, some of us even tear up. It's an amazing sight, and it only gets better every time you see it.

3. Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

This Halloween Party that runs form late September through Halloween night is one of the most exciting ticket-only exclusive event at the Magic Kingdom. With rare character meetings and all the candy you can imagine, you can't go wrong with your favorite costume and the Magic Kingdom!

4. The World Showcase

Located in Epcot, the World Showcase is one of the most amazing portions on Walt Disney World property. You can walk from "one country to another" experiencing full embodiment of the culture of each country. From food to music, you're fully encompassed in a new culture each time you "cross the border" from one to another!

5. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Similar to the Halloween Party, but better because Christmas music is involved. There's nothing like being in the most magical place on Earth during the most wonderful time of the year! Disney, decked from head to toe in Christmas decor, is beautiful, magical, and exciting! If you're a lover of Disney and Christmas and you get to chance to attend this party, be sure you do!

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