While driving home, a three and a half hour drive, I was trying to entertain myself and keep myself awake. Here are some things that went through my mind!

1. "How much longer?"


Somehow a 3 hour car drive, feels like a million years.

2. " How am I already going 90 mph?"


Speed limit is 25 mph? Means I am going 40mph. Speed limit 70 mph? Means I am going 90 mph! Whoops.

3. "Why is it only commercials?"


Let me be honest, I am not listening to your radio station to hear you talk about whatever it is today that you want to talk about.

4. "I wonder if anyone can see/hear me dancing and singing to these '90s songs."


But on the other hand, who cares.

5. * Looks in rear view mirror * " PLEASE DON'T HIT ME"


I swear I somehow attract terrible drivers.

6. "I am a pretty good driver."

Gold star for me!!!

7. *Turns on WAZES app * "HA HA HA, not today cops!"


I swear to the higher power, that this app is the only reason I have never gotten a ticket.

8. "If my parents were in the car, I would not have gotten here so quickly!"


I would definitely be a grandma on the road, if my parents were still in the car with me.