You were more than just a car,

To my favorite piece of machinery, largest source of anxiety, and dear old friend,

It has been a total and utter privilege to drive you these past three years. I still remember the day we went to the car dealership, a day that which would become a beloved story of the trial, tears, and triumph like it was yesterday. My first car-- what a day it was to be 16 and pull out of my driveway alone, foot shaking on the brake. We took that first ride together and I knew, I knew that the day I had to say goodbye would be harder than I could ever imagine.

From new friends that turned into strangers to new relationships and breakups, the past 4 years we got to spend together have been a rollercoaster of wonderful and regretful memories. But I will never forget when I finally figured out what to name you… Walle. You were more than just a car, you were my best friend. Although you couldn’t talk to me you were always there to let me vent to you and you listened.

Did you notice me when I cried to you late at night? From 17 to 21, I like to call them the "years of tears" and, Escape, you did well. The emotions of a teenage girl are not easy to handle, but the tear stains on my seats show your compassion and tenderness. I can't imagine what life would have been like without a friend like you to take me away in troubled times.

You have been good to me. You have served me well. My friends like to joke because you had so many problems, so many issues. But what's a brake line here and an alternator there in the grand scheme of life? I can't blame you, you're only a machine.

So, my friend, it's almost time to say goodbye. I'm sorry for the times I've cursed at you under my breath when you wouldn't accelerate. I'm sorry for the times I've hit your steering wheel in frustration. I'm sorry that I sing too loud and cry too much. I'm sorry that they're going to take you away from me and I'm sorry that I've replaced you. I'm so sorry, pal, but it's time to let you go.

Thank you for filling my young heart with excitement and joy. Thank you for teaching me the beauty of mixed CDs. Thank you for being my ride instead of my die. Thank you for keeping me safe and for letting me love you for four good years. Thank you for being my first car.

Goodbye, my dear friend. I will always remember you, Walle.

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