My Walk of Realization

My Walk Of Realization

What my 10-minute walk to the train revealed to me about society and technology.

Quinn White

When people use their phones, they are no longer aware of their surroundings and enter a complete alternate reality. Many of us want to say that we aren't addicted to our phones, but in reality, most of us are. The excuse of, "my phone keeps me connected to people in my life" remains one of the most ironic justifications for phone usage I've heard. If anything, our phones do the exact opposite and keep us disconnected from reality and the true depth of the lives lived by the people we so desperately want to stay connected with.

My 10-minute walk to the Southport Brown line stop made me realize how bad the overuse of cell-phones has gotten in our society. From people not realizing the walk sign was on to walking straight into me because they had to send out a text immediately, it became evident to me that most people would rather enter a farce reality than live in the moment and take in the wonderful surroundings that come with living in such a beautiful city like Chicago.

We have all heard the cliché, overused remark, "put your phone down and enjoy the world around you." While I myself used to roll my eyes at this remark when my dad would mutter it under his breath during a car ride, I have now begun to realize that this saying has morphed from a cliché into a piece of advice. The world around you has more to offer your mind than anything on your phone ever will. The quick, easily accessible entertainment on your cell phone is simply a quick moment of satisfaction you'll never think about again. On the contrary, a deep breath and meaningful glance at the tall buildings that paint the landscape of the city may lead to deeper inspiration and may be a moment deposited in your subconscious to be tapped into later for a quick smile you may take for granted.

Your cellphone reality can be accessed at any time from any place– don't take reality for granted and avoid using your cellphone in moments where you're immersed in the beauty of the world we live in.

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