Unlike the uber-famous Kardashians, the majority of college students are not living it up with millions of dollars at our disposal. For most of us, our financial aid money is the only thing separating us from the homeless beggars on the street. As most students know, waiting a week after agonizing a week for the money to hit our bank accounts is basically the modern day version of torture. Here are the stages of waiting on our financial aid, as told by the girls who most certainly don't know the struggle.

1. You're super annoyed when FAFSA tries to tell you that your family makes too much money for you to be broke...as if your parents don't have their own bills to pay and mouths to feed.

2. And filling out your financial aid forms at the beginning of the school year is basically the equivalent of signing your soul over to Satan.

3. But, you do it anyways because, hey, anything for money, right?

4. Especially when you see the cost of all the textbooks you need for the semester...which could probably fund a small country.

5. And your parents are constantly on your back, asking about when your financial aid money will come in so they can stop sending you microwavable macaroni.

6. And your school emails you to tell you that it'll still be a good week or two before your financial aid even pays for your classes, and a week or two after that before you get any of the remaining money.

7. When your school's add/drop period is over, which means your financial aid should kick in and pay for your classes any day now:

8. But...you have to wait a week or so until the refund of the money is deposited into your bank account.

9. And the days are dragging by slower than a typical hour in math class.

10. When you FINALLY get the notification that the financial aid refund money is in your bank account:

11. And for the next week or so, you're living like...well, like a Kardashian.

12. You live it up when you realize you can finally afford to buy new clothes, all the necessities you've been living without and to eat actual human food.

13. Happy Hour, Ladies Night, Thirsty Thursdays...the world club is your oyster.

14. That is...until the next week when you realize you blew all your money on fun and now you're back to being a poor college kid again.

15. And you're back to noodle cups and other "food."

16. And you have to call and explain to your parents exactly where all that extra money went.

17. But, you're trying to stay positive and survive the rest of the semester.

18. Because at least you always have next semester's financial aid to look forward to, right?