Waiting For Him

There was probably a time that you stared at your reflection in a mirror and asked yourself, "Am I not good enough, pretty, or smart?" An endless cycle of self-doubting yourself. Hoping for him to keep that promise of calling or texting you back. Waiting all night in your room, staring constantly at your phone for any sign of attention from him. I know the feeling I've been that girl, the girl that was waiting for him.

To the girl that is waiting for him, I plead you to stop. Even when your heart says give him some time, don't. He's not the one for you if you start questioning yourself. It's not worth the pain to watch him play with you like a rag doll with no emotions. Just because that person can make you feel special for one night, yet ignores you the next day, it isn't worth your pain or tears. That person doesn't deserve your attention or love.

To the girl that is waiting for him, stop thinking about him; thinking about when he would call you again or tell you to go out with him. Don't let him treat you like a doormat, you deserve to be first on his list. Don't be constantly checking his Snapchat or Instagram when he's out with other girls instead of you. Delete him from your life. You don't deserve that self-torture because at the end of the day, he's the one that walks away without any burns or scars. Don't cry all night and tell yourself that you aren't enough because truth is, you are enough and he is not. Yes, that pain may take weeks or months to get over with, but trust me, things will get better.

To the girl that is waiting for him, it's his loss, not yours. You are an amazing human being. Just because it didn't work out with him doesn't mean it's the end of the world. Unlike him, you won't have the rep of playing with people's hearts. You will be known as the girl who moved on. Who is strong and who finds different forms of happiness in her life. Maybe this also a sign that you aren't ready yet. You probably have opportunities waiting for you to fulfill before falling in love. The one will come along in ways you least expect.

To the girl that is waiting for him, wait for the one that would never make you question yourself. Wait for the one that would move mountains for you. Wait for the one that treats you like the queen you deserve to be. Wait for the one that makes you feel like the only girl in his world. Wait for the one that knows you're ready to fall in love.

To the girl that is waiting for him, move on, the right guy will come along.

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