Things To Know Before Riding The Staten Island Ferry
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Things To Know Before Riding The Staten Island Ferry

Things To Know Before Riding The Staten Island Ferry
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As a new Staten Island resident, and avid adventurer, I quickly learned a few things you need to know before riding the free Staten Island ferry. The Staten Island Ferry is a strange hub for the "weirdos", "creepos", and regular commuters. But, as an Islander myself, it's a treasure.

This free, easily accessible, way of transport is the way to go if you ever find yourself in the forgotten borough of New York City. And a little piece of advice—if you want to really see the weirdness potential of the ferry, hop on it at 3 a.m. on the night of Halloween. It is a complete game changer.

Hope this helps your journey from the Island to the concrete jungle of Manhattan, and of course, may the odds be ever in your favor.

1. Always go to the front of the ferry:

Number one rule because no matter where your end destination is, you will not be late! Riding in the front limits the time waiting and makes you not become claustrophobic. Tourists always plop themselves down at the first free seat. Please, please don't do that. It will not only look like your not experience but it will make this article not shareable.

2. It’s never too early for a ferry beer:

FERRY BEER. Ranging around the price of $3, the creation of the ferry beer is a great, great thing. Every boat has a concession stand, or you can buy one in the lobby before getting on the boat. Rule of thumb: grab a paper bag to cover the beer, the policemen aren't huge fans of drinking in public.

Ferry beer are great because

they make you chill on your commute.

they are cheap.

they are nice to drink outside as you pass by the chaos of the city.

conversation starter?

3. Never sit on the Statue of Liberty side:

Tourists, pictures, yelling—annoying.

And in all actuality... does that sound worth it?

4. Pictures are only allowed if:

It is your first time on the ferry—welcome. Also, if there is a picture worthy sunrise or sunset or to show your family where you are. On the contrary, stop with your MyStory of the Statue of Liberty. We get it--- you wanna be in France.

5. Always people watch:

You will meet and see the most interesting people on the ferry. Especially in the middle of the night or early morning—the night after look is strong on the ferry. Besides Halloween, post-Comicon is a great time to ride the ferry—great costumes, better makeup.

There are sometimes even fights on the ferry because your ex-boyfriend did what to my aunts-cousin- twice removed- uncle- by marriage.

In conclusion...


Please help us all and just take the tips. But of course, help out your true friends and fellow riders and let them in on these 5 rules to ride the Staten Island Ferry.

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