5 Reasons You Should Volunteer At A Dog Shelter

5 Reasons To Volunteer At A Dog Shelter

Do you really need a reason? I mean, who doesn't love dogs?


I know I'm not the only average, yet unique individual in the world who loves animals, especially dogs. They're one of the most loving and energetic creatures on Earth. I remember as a kid I've always wanted a puppy, but I was never taught on how to train or take care of them. However, that's something about myself that I want to change.

After a long semester of self-searching, I think volunteering this summer should be on everyone's list of goals.

1.  Gain experience if you want to adopt in the future


If you want to adopt a puppy some day, volunteering is your best choice. The workers at the shelter will be able to teach you the basics of training. Not every dog is the same so you'll be able to learn unique qualities of each animal.

2. Able to help those animals in need                                          


Not every animal that enters the shelters is healthy. Some are strays or were put up for adoption. Not every shelter has enough workers to accommodate for every animal. If a shelter has more volunteers, the needs of every animal will be fulfilled.

3. Volunteering looks good on your resume


As college students, jobs are important to us whether were part time or full time students. Adding any volunteering activities to you resume will definitely boost you up. People will see that you have a giving heart and that you care for your community.

4. You'll help make a difference


There's a lot of problems circling our society. We need individuals who will stand up to make a change or make our society better. Some of these animals are euthanized due to one of the reasons being that they're not getting adopted. If you were to volunteer, less and less animals would not be killed. You, as an volunteer, would save their lives.

5. Dogs will lift your spirits


Dogs have this amazing aura that will instantly make you smile. They're ready to give us love and affection that it's so hard to say 'no' to them. Being around them is a perfect way to bond. According to One Green Planet, petting an animal relieves any stress you've been feeling throughout the day.

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