Voice Search and SEO
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How Voice Search Will Impact SEO

Voices Search is a integral Part of SEO and how this will impact SEO in near future

How Voice Search Will Impact SEO

What is Voice Search?
When you speak to find something on Google instead of typing, it is called Voice Search. This technology uses speech recognition to understand what users are trying to say and then it gives results accordingly.
Programs such as Apple's Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana use all voice search capabilities. They also do not have a front-facing keyboard or buttons.
Peoples between the ages of 19-29 are most likely to use voice search in their smartphones. Things like voice dialing and speech-to-text are major examples of voice search.
PWC report says, 71% of analytics would rather use their voice assistant to search for something rather than physically typing their queries.
By the year 2020, almost 30% of all website meetings will be held without a screen.
"Hal 9000 was the first virtual assistant Computer system that controls systems and interacts with the ship's astronauts introduced by Stanley Kubrick in 1968."
Difference between Voice search and text search
The main difference between voice search and text search is the accuracy of the results that the person finds in the search query. A voice search takes you out of search because the intent of search is quite clear from the user, and as a result, the search engine offers extremely real results. Therefore, instead of getting many unrelated links in response to a text-based search, the user can get the most relevant responses to the question.
How voice search will impact SEO.
As an SEO Expert in India, my experience says that this improves the user experience. Search engines like Google are paying extra attention to voice search optimization. After all, SEO aims to rank websites properly so that users can get the best information as soon as possible for their search queries. The user experience, ultimately, is at the cutting edge of search engine optimization. It helps to increase Internet traffic for your existing keywords and even sets new keywords that can be used to help users. In a fast and result-based world, Voice Search will be a part of the future of SEO, and we can see at a time where it can cross traditional written searches. AI paved the way with subsidiaries and semantic searches.
"One study found that the result of Voice Search e-commerce was $ 1.8 billion in Amazon revenue. By 2022 this figure is expected to increase to $ 40 billion."
How it works
Once you click on the icon, you are given a few seconds to speak and give your inquiry. It is best to ensure that your voice will be heard clearly through your microphone to get the most accurate results. The functionality of Voice Search is based on speech recognition technology. This technique is in turn based on the sound packet which we project while speaking the word. For example, if we say the word book, then the program will recognize "B", "O", "O" and "K" as separate phones. Phones are personal letters, and sound is the blocks of sound from which words are made.
How to optimize voice search
At the time when users use voice search, they are usually wishing to complete an action - like playing a song or buying a product - or information on a topic.
But despite two different purposes, Google uses the parallel algorithm to rank websites. There are simple steps to improve the voice search rankings, without affecting what your goal is.
Quick website response
Google Voice Search favors websites that load quickly make sure that:
1. Your website needs to work smoothly on mobile devices.
2. Images are customized.
3. Files are compressed.
4. You use website cache to improve page speed.
5. Your server response time has decreased.
And other functions that give speed to traditional websites.
Identify the purpose of the search
One of the first things you should know first is why people are using voice search. It is best to find statistical data to measure the numbers and to know the purpose of these searches. People usually use voice search to ask for directions, call someone and check movie time. For business owners, one of the most important strategies that your business needs to be listed in Google My Business because local results are most likely to be location-based voice searches.
Mobile and User-Friendly interface
User-friendly interface is always needed to come with priority and users dominating searches, the responsive design website definitely helps. Mobile users want a site that is accessible and easy to navigate on one device, with fast load speed. These are important factors in bounce rates and help users stay on your website for longer periods of time.
The hummingbird updates
Hummingbird updates can be seen as a major step on Google's path to the unavoidable increase of voice search. Hummingbird was released in 2013. In a few years to grow faster and the emergence of voice search, Google is equipped with a spoken word to search completely to understand the natural language.
The FAQ page for site
Creating an FAQ page is a great way to use introductory customer data to use conversational keyword phrases. Try grouping same questions on the single page. Go for natural-sound questions and phrases instead of old SEO-keyword phrases that you're using. You need to create many different pages so that voice search technologies will get a better chance of pulling information from your site.
1. Navigational
2. Informational
3. Transactional are the three types of online search categories:
Key Point Conclusion
Investing in voice search optimization is proven to improve brand awareness, online purchases, and revenue improvements. If you now optimize your site for voice search, then you'll probably be ahead of the competition and see strong sound search rankings that will effectively develop your brand long term.
If you normally have inquiries about voice search and SEO, leave a comment below and talk.
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