Why You Should Have Your Eye On Salesforce
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Why You Should Have Your Eye On Salesforce

The tech giant is young and unstoppable.

Why You Should Have Your Eye On Salesforce
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In just a short two decades, Salesforce has become the leading company in customer relationship management software. What is customer relationship management? Essentially, Salesforce's fundamental product is software that tracks sales. However, the system in its versatility, simplicity, and stellar corporate structure behind is now a leading system in general, tracking data for non-profits, business continuity managers, enrollment sectors of universities, and more.

Why are systems important?


Business is primarily conducted in Excel by default. There is no organization or company that is not based on a firm foundation, and constant motion of data. How an entity deals with their data, is the first indicator of organizational success. Can a company exist on solely Excel? While it's possible, it gets messy. There is no reason why departments in multi-million or multi-billion dollar companies should be existing merely by trading messy documents around in their internal structure. I would say even the same for a small company. Systems, or databases that are easily accessible by management, and provide stellar functionality, are a true game changer in business, for any industry.

Why software developers should take note:


Software development is often treated like slave labor for major industries. Are big bucks in code? 100%. But so is a struggle, mental fatigue, and hard hours. Not that programming isn't rewarding, but different workloads are right for different people. Personally, I could never see myself doing back end coding for projects that were not in an environment that was supportive, and uplifting. There are an incredible amount of developer and system architect positions in Salesforce, that will exist in any company that uses the Salesforce software for their business needs. You may be working for a company that uses the system, but you'll be a software engineer or developer for that specific system. One that is so large now, your skills and experience are incredibly marketable. Not only that, but the only resources for performing every sort of developer, and architect task are extensive in Salesforce's online library. The salaries in Salesforce, regardless of the ease of the system, are incredibly competitive in the six-figure range. Many companies who hire Salesforce support at this level offer remote positions, which would mean you could be in Italy while you impact your corporate business in Dallas, Seattle, or wherever the headquarters is for your business. (Yeah, I know, goals).

Why computer lovers who hate code should take note:


Coding is not a necessary evil for those who find it evil in a Salesforce career. In order for Salesforce to run smoothly in any organization, administrators are necessary. While a comprehensive understanding of how moving parts work together, an ability to problem solve and a keen eye towards technological details are important as an admin, so are basic business skills such as understanding business processes and presentation skills. A Salesforce administrator career, with an average salary at 95k, is one that is incredibly rewarding for those who have technical skills but are not necessarily wanting to code their life away.

Why anyone who wants a future in any leadership role should take note:


Want to own your own chiropractic business? Going into healthcare administration? Want to work in the university sector? Perhaps 10 years from now you'll find yourself wanting to give back to the community and decide to volunteer for a local non-profit. Maybe you even dream of being a business owner, or an executive leader of another. Regardless of where your career takes you, data is the basis of business, and business is the basis of society. Profit may be the driver, but data will give you the leads necessary to get there. The business process in between is what makes up customer-relationship management. Without organization, it's impossible to make an improvement.

Salesforce, with an incredible product and outstanding company culture (which landed them #1 on Fortune Magazine's Best Place Work list in 2018 and #2 in 2019 after Hilton), will continue to lead the industry of data, so take note. But perhaps if you don't now, you'll definitely notice them when they build the highest skyscraper in the closest metropolitan area to you as they expand their "hubs", or primary workplaces for their large workforce. Building the tallest skyscrapers in every city possible happens to be one of their favorite pastimes.

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