Venmo is the boujee cousin of PayPal, as it should be. Designed to help pay friends and family (even professionals), Venmo connects your credit card or bank account and creates a Venmo balance that can be used to pay others on the app or transfer the credit to your said bank account. It is a great app to have, especially for a college student. Paying friends for food/drinks, paying family members back for stuff, even managing the pool money for your Fantasy Football League. Okay, so the last one's just me. Here, I'll be connecting the type of Vodka you consume based solely on your Venmo account balance.

Venmo Balance: $0; Vodka: New Amsterdam

No, not the show. New Amsterdam vodka is your new friend if you're a broke college student. New to the game, it offers different varieties of vodka for those cooking ramen in the dorm microwave.

Venmo Balance: $5.69; Vodka: Pinnacle County Fair Cotton

Odd balance goes well with odd flavors. Pinnacle's reputation for producing weird Vodka flavors is a perfect choice for those wanting an out-of-this-world flavor!

Venmo Balance: $15; Vodka: Ketel One

Ketel One is a personal favorite, so if you've got more than $10 on your Venmo, you're GUCCI.

Venmo Balance: $31.00; Vodka: Grey Goose

It's simple: more money, more Vodka.

Venmo Balance: $0.50; Vodka: Absolut

Almost Venmko-broke? Go with Absolut. Trust me.

So there you have it: five different Vodkas for the ever-changing Venmo balance you have. Happy drinking!

Drink Responsibly.