What To Do In Saratoga Springs, NY
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10 Hidden Gems Of Saratoga Springs, NY

Some of my favorite restaurants and places to eat and shop in my hometown of Saratoga Springs, New York.

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I have lived in Saratoga Springs since I was in 1st grade. I have been so fortunate to grow up in such an amazing location. From the amazing restaurants to quirky small boutiques, Saratoga is the place I will forever want to call home. Here are some of the lesser known, yet amazing places you must visit if you are in the area.

1. Compton's Diner

Pretty much your average small-town diner, but in a bigger city. Compton's is well known for opening at 3 A.M. when all the bars have closed. Come here for your early morning drunk snack, or grab an amazing breakfast. But make sure to bring some cash as this place is cash only.

2. The Pink Paddock

As an avid Lilly Pulitzer fanatic, this is definitely one of my favorite stores in Saratoga. This store can fulfill all your colorful wants and needs. They carry several brands aside from Lilly, including Vineyard Vines and Trina Turk. A great place to grab a last-minute outfit to head to the historic Saratoga Race Track.

3. Embrace The Race

This local store is unique in itself. Patented as the official clothing brand of horse racing, this shop has all your wants and needs to casually support the great icon that is horse racing.

4. Saratoga Sundress

One of my go-to shops for grabbing a cute dress to wear out on the town or to the track, Saratoga Sundress has an array of clothes that can attribute to anyone's style.

5. Salt and Char

Not as much a hidden gem as the others, but a lesser known yet popular high dining restaurant in Saratoga. Salt and Char has become a staple of my family's summer. They offer indoor and outdoor seating and an amazing menu to satisfy anyone's desires. I enjoy eating here because of the environment in the restaurant, it reminds me a lot of a similar restaurant I enjoy at my school.

6. Cantina

The recently relocated Cantina is back and better than ever! Cantina is a Mexican-style restaurant offering several different options when you're craving some classic Mexican food. My favorite item is the taco salad.

7. Piper Boutique

An edgier shop in Saratoga that has various different styles of clothing. This boutique reminds me of something I might see in New York City.

8. Lola

This boutique carries several different brands from Kate Spade to Louis Vuitton. They mainly have accessories such as purses and wallets but have a wide selection of brands. Keep a close eye on their Instagram, they are always posting new items for sale in-store!

9. Country Corner Cafe

A quaint breakfast cafe nustled as you guessed, on a corner of a street. This cafe has fantastic breakfast options that can satisfy some of your strangest breakfast cravings.

10. Uncommon Grounds

Need a cup of coffee or a bagel? How about a place to study? Uncommon Grounds is the place for both. Best known for their coffee and bagel selection, this place is an amazing spot to meet with some friends or study for a few hours. They also have a pretty great bagel selection.

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