21 Things To Do In Blacksburg, VA This Summer When You're Bored

21 Things To Do In Blacksburg, VA This Summer When You're Bored

Despite loving all the free time that summer in Blacksburg has to offer, there comes a time that there is simply too much time in a day and that's when boredom strikes.


Being bored is like the unwanted summer trend — it's bound to happen at least once. So, in order to be prepared for when the boredom hits, take a look at this list for some ideas of how to spend that time!

1. Find a new show

Find a different Netflix show to binge watch — something that isn't like your normal show.

2. Take a Power Nap (or a nap in General)

Rest that pretty head of yours and give it some time off

3. Start a Garden

Succulents are really in right now and they are super easy to plant and care for! (unless you're like me and you kill anything that grows)

4. Go see that movie you've been wanting to see

Even if it's by yourself.

5. Plan a last-minute road trip

Grab your bff or S/O and hit the road. Go check out that waterfall that everyone's been posting about or that cliff diving spot that may or may not be illegal.

6. Try something new

Like yoga or running. Literally anything that you haven't done before, or in a while, counts. So, just do it.

7. Color

I'm biased on this one because this is what I do to relieve stress but when you're bored, what do you have to lose? Give it a try & it might help lower your stress levels too!

8. Browse Zillow

I do this all the time — it could easily take up an entire day

9. Figure out a way to make more money

May I suggest going through your closet and getting rid of the clothes that haven't seen the sun since you bought them?

10. Paint your nails

Honestly, self-pampering is the best way to spend your time

11. Go on a walk

Go on a walk to clear your mind of the day or current issues that have been stressing you out. Take this time out of your day to just simply be.

12. Make a cocktail

Experiment with your favorite drinks so you can have a new concoction to show your friends when tailgating season starts.

13. Browse through new hairstyles

Is it really summer if you don't switch up your hairdo?

14. Stretch

So many people underestimate the power of stretching but trust me, you will find out that you have muscles that you didn't even know existed. It's also a great way to clear your head and to just take in your surroundings.

15. Make a vision board

Even if you already have one, you can replace the things that you have already completed with new things that you want to conquer in the coming year!

16. Go through your pictures

On Facebook. On your phone. On your computer. If you're anything like me, this could take multiple days to go through them all. Plus, what better way to kill some time than traveling down memory lane?

17. Go through your emails

If you're only of those people who just read the important stuff and leave everything else then this one is for you! Clean up that inbox and minimize the junk that's in it!

18. Update your resume

Or learn how to make a resume. Either way, it's important to have an up-to-date one so you can have it ready to go when you have a new job opportunity.

19. Pick a book in the Bible & start reading

It's very intimidating to say "read the bible" because let's face it, that thing is huge & it will stare you down until you walk away. But seriously, grab your Bible, take it outside, and just open it up to one of the books to start reading.

20. Organize something

There is always something in your life that can be organized. Maybe your closet needs some help or your bathroom cabinet has gotten a little to junky. Oh, don't forget about your car — I'm sure that could use a bit of help.

21. Call up an old friend

Yes, I said call. It takes up a lot more time than a simple "hey" text or an email with a life update. Besides, it's a lot more personal and I'm sure they would love to hear your voice.

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Hannah King

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7 Signs You're From the 732

Only the best part of New Jersey.

If you're from New Jersey, you know how badly the state's looked down upon by outsiders (thanks a lot, Jersey Shore). But you know that all of those false accusations aren't true- the Garden State is your home and only you're allowed to make fun of it. Although Jersey's small, there are different regions and everyone thinks that their's is the best. Here are seven signs you're from the 732, AKA the best part of Jersey:

1. You know that Central Jersey is a place.

One of the biggest arguments is whether or not Central Jersey exists. I live in the middle of New Jersey, so it's pretty funny when people say it's not a real place. I'm not from South Jersey, and definitely not from North Jersey. Also, it's close to both Philadelphia and New York, not just one or the other. Perfect location.

2. Everywhere you go, you see a Wawa.

Legit everywhere, and you go there 24/7. All hail the holy grail.

3. Surf Taco means a lot to you.

Every time I come home from being away at school the first place I go to eat with my friends is Surf Taco. Even when I am home, Surf Taco's always on my mind. Who doesn't love a good taco with chips? P.S. I highly recommend their Teriyaki Chicken Taco, you won't regret it.

4. You go to all the summer concerts.

There's really nothing more fun than summer shows outside, and you already know that PNC Bank Arts Center and Stone Pony Summer Stage are the hot-spots. 'Tis the season of tailgating and enjoying a good show with your friends.

5. Two words: Pork. Roll.

I don't care what Chris Christie has to say, it's pork roll. Quite honestly, Taylor Ham just doesn't sound right. And what's better than a pork roll egg n' cheese on your favorite bagel? Nothing.

6. You live close to the beach...

Spring Lake, Manasquan, Asbury, you name it. You know these areas and where all of the good food spots are in each of them. Living so close to the beach makes for the perfect summers, but with summer comes the bennies.

7. ...So you can easily spot a benny.

If you're from Jersey and you don't know what a benny is, you most likely are one. Bennies usually come in packs; they bring lawn chairs and tents to the beach, wear socks and sandals, and have the "Jersey accent" because they're either from New York or close to.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia commons

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There Is Something About Camp That Is Just Pure Magic

When you're over-tired and lost among the trees and songs, it's like magic


If you've ever been to summer camp, you know that it is a place of pure magic.

I didn't really grow up going to summer camp. I went once when I was nine, again for a class trip in middle school and then when I was 15, my mom told me that being a counselor-in-training would look good on my college resume. So I packed my giant duffle and went to camp without knowing a soul who would be there. I'm not going to lie, I was a little terrified the moment I got there, surrounded by longtime returning campers. Immediately, I wanted to get back into my comfort zone that included my bed and air-conditioned home.

Once I got over myself, I fell head over heels for camp. It's a place where within hours, you create inseparable bonds. Because you're constantly together, star gazing, trying to fit three people on a paddleboard, or putting on your war paint for capture the flag. And maybe you will never talk to these people after camp, maybe they will pop up on your newsfeed, maybe you'll host camp reunions every once in a while, maybe you'll talk every single day. And it doesn't matter, because those endless camp days were real, that bond is irreversible and irreplaceable.

As a CIT, I remember looking up at the counselors who were teaching us all of their best tricks and tips for becoming a leader. I hoped that one day I could be a tiny bit like them: inspiring and authentic. I had this dream that maybe I could spend just one summer camping in the woods, getting so lost in the nature that the rest of the world disappears. So instead of getting an internship like all the type-A personalities at school, I spent my spring semester applying for counselor positions at camps. Somehow, I landed a job in California and I ran with it. I jumped far outside of my comfort zone, not knowing a soul who would be at this camp, half terrified and excited to be spending the summer doing something that I'd only dreamed of. That year, I was also lucky enough to join Camp Kesem. But that meant that after my ten weeks of working at a summer camp, I'd spend another one volunteering. And it's hardly a question to say that it was by far my favorite summer despite the 96 hour work weeks.

So this year, when I decided to build my resume over the summer with a nice sounding internship, I wished that I could go back in time to my days under the redwood trees in California; and I couldn't wait for my one week of camp at Camp Kesem. But after I'd spent the majority of the summer interning, doing homework, and going on bike rides, a week of Camp Kesem was a culture shock, an absolute roller coaster and I wasn't sure how I'd done 11 weeks of camp the previous summer. But by the end, when I got off the bus and to my dorm and collapsed into bed, I couldn't even sleep because my heart was full to the brim. And just like that, I remembered why camp is so remarkable and why all summer long, I was wishing that I could just be at camp instead of sitting in a desk and staring at a screen.

Because, by God, campers are some of the strongest, bravest, most full of life and inspiring people you'll ever meet. They remind me that I don't need to think so much or stress so much because there are s'mores and laughter and it is so easy to just be there, to be in that moment. It's like magic. That's what kesem means, after all.

So, that week that I spent in a disgusting cabin with floors covered in a mixture of water and dirt with the occasional spider, stinky socks, smelly shoes, and clothes strewn everywhere--yes, welcome to a cabin full of the contrasting personalities of nine-year-old girls--where I was on my toes all day long, keeping track of kids, allergies, and ghosts was worth it. The endless days, the chanting, the laughter, the views disappeared all too quickly.

It's been a week now since I've returned from Kesem, and although I can look at my wrist where the strings that tied us all together are, I still keep forgetting the magic. I've squashed it with stress, limitations, and expectations I put on myself. Which is why I'm taking the time now to remember the magic.

These kids get to be kids for one week. They get to be their complete selves, surrounded by counselors who care about them, who are there for the purpose of their growth and making sure that everyone is having a good time. And these kids love you and look up to you like crazy, even if they don't show it. Some will draw you pictures, others will never say thank you. Nevertheless, their laughter and grins say it all. Camp is for them. They create the magic, we just make the space for it.

Because camp counselors are role-models, that's what we signed up for, so we let our best selves shine, putting aside our fears of spiders and our aching heads (because as much as we tell the campers to stay hydrated, it's unlikely that we are) and we create the space that is absolute magic.

And I'm thinking that maybe we should take some of that magic with us, remind ourselves that even though life isn't perfect right now, the magic is real.

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