Being a virgin really isn't a big deal…

Which is why I still don't understand the men who swipe right on me and act as if matching with me is like finding the holy grail or hitting the jackpot. I get it, I'm a virgin, I'm a "rare" breed.

But my virginity is not your consolation prize.

People assume Tinder is a hookup app, which I'll give it to you that's exactly what it turned into. But Tinder is not solely for hookups. People like me are on there to find friends, to meet new people, maybe find the love of their life.

My bio literally says that I definitely am not going to sleep with you and yet people swipe right, we match, and the VERY FIRST thing that comes from their little fingertips is "are you sure you're not gonna sleep with me?" or the ever so lovely "I bet I can change your mind about that" or any of the in-between mixtures that you can think of. Trust me, I've got it all. I travel a lot so I've met numerous people and you'd be surprised how similar everyone is.

Perhaps people are just incompetent and don't realize that they are in fact not being funny, nor original, but very very distasteful.

Like, come on, really?

If I get another "let me be those thighs" or "sit on my face" message I might just rip out all of my hair.

Swiping right does not give you full access to my pants or any part of my body for that matter. Whether you're a virgin or not I'm sure you can agree that no one likes to be looked at as a piece of meat that they're so patiently waiting to sink their teeth into or a little toy that they just can't wait to get their dirty little hands on.

It's truly a struggle for ALL GENDERS. Stop acting like a match is an automatic invitation on the bang train heading towards the bone city, cause it's not.

And before any of you try to judge someone and say "their profile was asking for it." You, my friend, are an idiot.

Sex is not nor will it ever be as easy as swiping right and finding a flame. My virginity is not a trophy you get for participating so good luck with your next match. And in the lovely words of Ariana Grande: Thank you, next.