5 Vintage Things That Millennials Would Appreciate Being Back In Style
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5 Vintage Things That Millennials Would Appreciate Being Back In Style

For all you old souls out there who were born in the wrong era.

5 Vintage Things That Millennials Would Appreciate Being Back In Style
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Don't get me wrong, I love being a '90s baby and growing up with the rapidly changing society and the technology boom. I'm truly grateful that God had me be born in the time that I was, into the family and the country that I was, and I never want to take that for granted. I love social media and how it allows anyone to voice his or her opinion.

That being said, I am something of an old soul who loves vintage things. I wish I lived in a simpler time without Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook consuming my life. To be honest, I would be totally okay with giving up my iPhone 7 to live in a simpler time.

I hate that I live in a society where the first thing people do in the morning is reach for their phones. A society where children are more concerned with how many "likes" and "followers" they get rather than their grades or how to be a decent human being. Children are so eager to grow up that they lose touch with their childhood. A society where friendships and relationships end simply because of different opinions. A society where we have to tiptoe around each other's feelings so that we are politically correct and don't offend anyone.

Common communication skills are becoming obsolete in this new world of technology. People would rather talk to each other through texts and emojis rather than have a face-to-face conversation or a telephone call. People often hide behind their cellphones and text things that they would never say to a person's face. Arguments get blown way out of proportion because of a misconstrued text message.

After playing Alberta Groh, my grandma, in the play, "From Little Things," which was written about my grandparents' relationship, I have learned so many wonderful and inspiring things about the 1950s. The simple set design and raw storyline really reflected life as a teenager in the 1950s. Instead of staying indoors and playing on electronics, people actually went out and did things; and they didn't capture every moment on Snapchat or Instagram for the world to see. Instead, they had mementos such as movie theater tickets and heart-shaped boxes. Almost every weekend, my grandparents were either dancing at Moonlight Gardens at Coney Island, going to amusement parks, or seeing drive-in movies.

Here are five vintage things that need to come back in style:

1. Dating

I'm the type of girl who should have been born in the era of handwritten letters instead of text messages. The era with chocolates and roses instead of an Instagram shout-out post. The era when going dancing was a date rather than "Netflix and Chill." The era when no one had a cell phone out during a date. The era when holding hands was a big deal and when boys opened the door for the girl.

The era when love was real.

Pluck up the courage to ask your significant other on a real date, and don't ask via text message. People either just "hang out" or they're just looking for a hookup. Is dating dead? Where are the morals? I think technology has impacted our generations' mindsets in a negative way in regards to how relationships should be. Everything is always glorified on social media, including relationships.

2. Fashion

I have always been obsessed with vintage fashion, especially from the 1950s. I absolutely loved my costume that I got to wear when I played my grandma in her teenage years in "From Little Things." From the crinoline skirts that made my tea-length skirt stick out, to the saddle Oxfords I wore, fashion was much more conservative than it is now. When I first put on the costume, my first thoughts were, "Why can't we dress like this anymore?" Today's fashion is a constant game of "How much skin can I show off?" Bring back the gloves, neck scarves, full skirts, and hats!

3. Music

My parents and grandparents were lucky enough to see Frank Sinatra in concert. I wish I could have been that lucky. I love the big band style of music that makes me want to get up and waltz around. Some of my friends think I'm weird for having a few of these classic songs on my iPod, songs like, "Pennies From Heaven," "I'll Be Seeing You," "Put Your Head On My Shoulder," and "Sentimental Journey." Most music today has degrading lyrics about drugs, alcohol, and sex. What are these lyrics today? Seriously.

Frank Sinatra sure had a way with words. Swoon.

"Something in your eyes was so inviting. Something in your smile was so exciting. Something in my heart told me I must have you." - Frank Sinatra, "Strangers In The Night"

4. Dancing

One thing I would dearly love is if dancing came back in style — not that mess that goes down in clubs, but ballroom dancing. Elegant, graceful, classy, with tea-length gowns and handsome gentlemen and a live orchestra.

5. Politeness

You know what's sad? When I, a young woman, hold the door open for a grown man and he doesn't acknowledge me at all. But you know what's lovely? When a young gentleman holds the door open for me because he was raised with proper manners. Not that I am incapable of handling these situations on my own, and not that I can't take care of myself... but there's something about chivalry that is heartwarming and unfortunately all too rare in our generation. I hate when people mistake chivalry and common courtesy for flirting. If we could bring back general politeness, in both guys and girls, it would make our world a much more pleasant place to live in.

Should we start a cultural revolution of bringing back vintage things? I think yes. If we could have all these lovely things brought back into mainstream society, that would be great. As it is, I'll continue to enjoy them regardless of how popular they may or may not be because I was born in the wrong era. Check out my cousins' blog, Sincerely Doris Jane, for more ideas to stay classy and old school.

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