For many of us, this week is a vacation week. Spring break! That means plane rides, road trips, and lots of extra time on your hands. Well, no need to get overly bored on that eight-hour road trip to the mountains. I’ve got you covered with Vine compilations that will not only make you smile but help you form inside jokes galore.

1. Vines That Just Butter My Eggroll

It’s my favorite one, y’all. I first came across this compilation at a convention with my sorority, and it gave us inside jokes that live on to this day. We reference these daily, and who knows? Maybe you will too.

2. SpongeBob Vines

Maybe you’re feeling nostalgic. Maybe you enjoy watching Vines that ruin your childhood shows. Either way, this compilation is sure to make you laugh.

3. Windows XP vines

Remember the sound of a PC turning off in the 90’s? You will after these Vines.

4. Shrek Vines

5. “Gotta Blast!” Vines

A classic line that can be used in a variety of circumstances. Think beyond video games and think “Can I include this in my normal phrase repertoire?” People who can reference not only 90s TV shows but also Vines are exponentially more likable.

Do you have a favorite Vine or compilation? Share the article and ask your friends! Happy spring break, everyone!