I Miss The Main Line: Villanova Students Discuss Life In Quarantine
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Student Life

I Miss The Main Line: Villanova Students Discuss Life In Quarantine

What's new wildcats?

I Miss The Main Line: Villanova Students Discuss Life In Quarantine

Meet the Panel:

Where are you spending quarantine? What's the vibe?

Jen Lambert: Community Rep for Villanova Odyssey, sophomore Political Science major with minors in Communication and Public Service and Administration. Making the most out of quarantine in New Jersey by eating as many bagels as humanly possible.

Lily Switka: Community Rep for Villanova Odyssey, sophomore English, and Peace and Justice double major. Currently quarantining in Ohio and being super artsy as usual.

Daniella LaPorta: Creator for Villanova Odyssey, Psychology and Italian major with a minor in Communication. Going a little stir crazy with her fam in the OG coronavirus hub: Westchester County, New York.

Emily Farrell: Creator for Villanova Odyssey, sophomore Nursing major. Quarantining in New Jersey and cramming for finals season.

What's one piece of good news you heard this week?

Jen: Even though New Jersey has the second-highest case count in the country, the curve is remaining flat and new cases are declining.

Lily: The ice cream parlor in my town just reopened a few days ago, which has been bringing joy to a lot of people. There were concerns that the small business might not make it through these times, but they happily announced that they are alright and are ready to serve up some treats to the community again :)

Emily: One good piece of news that I've heard this week is that they're finding that plasma of people with antibodies for COVID-19 is a life-saving treatment for those with the virus! It's reassuring to know that they're making progress towards treatment for COVID-19.

Daniella: The first piece of good news I've heard in a long time is that my little sister committed to Villanova and we get to go to school together next year!

Do you approve of the way our university responded to the coronavirus?

Jen: I do, but with some exceptions. I wish Villanova allowed us to move out in a more organized fashion. A lot of my items are still in my dorm because we had to move out on such short notice, but I understand they were reacting to the governor's decisions. I do think that the move to online learning and optional pass/fail grades were good decisions on the part of Villanova. I'm also really glad that they reimbursed us for room and board.

Lily: While it was upsetting to leave campus so abruptly, I understand why the university needed to take such immediate action. It has been interesting to see what kind of accommodations are being made since students were sent home, both academically and financially. I just can't wait to return to Nova life!

Emily: Yes, I approve of the way that Villanova has handled their response coronavirus. I think that it's been a really difficult situation for all of us to navigate and they have done the best that they can with the information that they've been given.

Daniella: I think Villanova did everything they could to make the adjustment to online classes as easy as possible for its students.

What do you miss the most about Villanova?

Jen: I miss my friends the most. Doing homework at my kitchen table just isn't the same as doing it at a table in Conn with all my friends.

Lily: I miss walking around on campus. Each morning on my way to class, I'd see so many smiling faces. It helps that our campus is also GORGEOUS, and so full of life!

Emily: I miss having my friends on campus and all of the different things that I was involved in. I had a lot of exciting things coming up in the spring semester, such as NOVAdance, Greek Week, and my spring formal for my sorority. It's tough having to miss so much.

Daniella: Out of everything I miss about Villanova, I miss being with my friends every day the most. I have the most incredible support system and a group of friends who are there for me no matter what. Although I can still text and FaceTime them, I miss eating dinner every night and being just a quick walk away from them. I even miss walking by our favorite circle-table in Conn, knowing at least one of us would be sitting there doing work.

What's been the hardest part of the move to virtual learning?

Jen: Some professors have tried to recreate the classroom environment online and it's just not working. Some professors have been very understanding, but others have failed to accommodate students who are struggling with the new format.

Lily: My motivation has evaporated since the switch to virtual learning. The energy I normally get from my classmates is just no longer there.

Emily: The hardest part of the move to virtual learning has been maintaining motivation. I do well with interactive classes, and it's tough for me to sit down and watch my recorded lectures. I don't feel like I'm getting as much out of them, despite it being mostly the same material that I would have been learning in class.

Daniella: The hardest part about the move to virtual learning is the distractions it presents. It is much harder to keep my motivation up now that I'm listening to lectures instead of interacting with my teachers and classmates.

What are you most looking forward to doing when you return to campus?

Jen: Tbh I can't wait to just grab a muffin and iced tea from holy grounds, sit at a table in conn, and catch up with my best friends.

Lily: I cannot wait to experience the love and happiness emanating from everyone when we return! It will be so great to hug our friends again!

Emily: I am looking forward to going to grab dinner or shop with my friends on campus. I always took little things for granted because my friends were always just there. I definitely feel like I am going to take advantage of every moment that I get with my friends once we return to Villanova.

Daniella: I am looking forward to making the most out of my next two years of college once we're back at school in the Fall, and not taking anything for granted. I promised myself not to pass up any more opportunities that come my way.

Co-authored by: Jen Lambert, Lily Switka, Daniella LaPorta, and Emily Farrell.

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