As some of you may know, Villanova Basketball has had a rough week or so. First, they lose two games back to back for the first time since 2013 (which means five whole seasons) and then, they lose Dylan Painter to transferring since he was not getting enough playing time. So as anyone can tell, it is a difficult time to be a Wildcat.

It is hard watching a team you love and support lose. This is even more difficult when you aren't very good at losing since it doesn't happen often. Coming off two national championships in three years gives you a chip on your shoulder, where you just expect to be better than everyone. Sure, there are some bumps in the road but generally, you know you can beat anyone and a loss is usually a fluke.

But this feels different. It could be a fluke, but do flukes happen twice in a row? Yes, it is the start of the season and these games "don't mean much," but what tone does this set for the rest of the games? There are so many questions and concerns circulating over this rough start that cause a lot of unease among fans and I am sure the players.

Even through all this, I still think there is hope. Jay Wright knows what he is doing and these players are amazing - some of them five or four-star recruits. However, they need more time. Losing four players, somewhat unexpectedly, to the NBA draft is tough for any team, especially when you thought some of those players would come back. Picking up two transfers on top of three freshmen with all different strengths, weaknesses and playing styles and trying to mix that with players who already know each other can also be difficult when they don't mesh well right away. But these are all things teams experience and you can either grow from it or you don't, but I think Villanova is a team moves on victorious from this.

There are growing pains but I think Villanova is a good enough team and a good enough program to make it through this and come out better for it. Sure, it seems like we won't win another championship this year but you never know, right?