Tragedy sends us running in fear.

Tragedy isn't fair.

Tragedy is often so senseless.

Tragedy steals the lives of good people.

But there's something else tragedy does. And it is something I believe we can all agree with.

Tragedy somehow binds us together and for a mere amount of time, love outweighs adversity.

We saw black police officers bravely respond to a horrific scene and save the lives of white people.

For a moment racial police violence was forgotten.

We saw white people helping people of black, brown and white skin.

For a moment differences skin color didn't matter.

We saw vigils instead of riots.

For a moment protesting was ceased.

We saw republicans donate their blood to democrats fighting for their lives on operating tables.

For a moment it wasn't about political beliefs.

We saw our President has mourned the lives of people who didn't like or support him. And visit those who survived.

For a moment it wasn't about who voted for Trump or for Clinton.

We saw the lives of first responders of every color recognized and respected.

For a moment it was about how these brave men and women save lives everyday.

We saw people of every religion stand together in prayer.

For a moment it wasn't about being Christian or Muslim.

Instead of relating the American Flag with the NFL, we saw it fly at half-staff and shed a tear for the innocent lives stolen.

For a moment it wasn't about what NFL player took a knee.

We saw nurses and doctors work multiple shifts surrounded by people fighting for their next breath. They have saved lives while losing others.

For a moment we recognized the hard work people in the medical field do every day.

We saw people cry together and love just a little deeper.

For a moment people have remembered how short life truly is.

We saw tragedy, for just a moment, made us forget about racial issues, culture, skin colors, differences in religion and political beliefs. Instead it showed us how short life is and how differences in appearance and beliefs don't matter as much as CNN and FOX News tell us they do.

If we can forget these petty reasons of separation and adversity for a moment during a tragedy, why can't we forget them all together and become a country who's strong because we stand together.

United we are strong and as Alexander Dumas once said,

“All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.”
In remembrance of the ones who lost their lives this week in Vegas. My prayers are with your families.