Why Valentine's Day Does Not Have To Require A Designated "Special Someone"
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Why Valentine's Day Does Not Have To Require A Designated "Special Someone"

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Why Valentine's Day Does Not Have To Require A Designated "Special Someone"

Yeah, yeah, yeah we get it. Valentine's Day is coming up and everyone and their mother wants to go out with that "special someone" to celebrate their love for each other. You know what I say to that. It sounds to me like a load of bull****! Before you call me out on being a jealous loner, I would like to clarify and explain that me being single is not the [complete] reason as to why I am shaming Valentine's day couples. Valentine's Day is not just a day to share love with your significant other, but it is also a day to spread love.

There are many young people that have chosen to put off the "dating life" due to school (guilty!), work, family obligations and other responsibilities. It is completely acceptable to take a certain period of your life and dedicate it towards a single focus— YOURSELF! I mean, why else not? It's YOUR life and only YOU have control of it. So, if you feel you need to have some time in order to establish and follow your aspired path, so be it. However, that does not limit you from celebrating in all the romance and joy that is the beloved holiday we all know as Valentine's Day. Nope, no Valentine here. Still, there is love in the air and it does not matter who or where that love comes from!

Do not forget about the love that shapes all the support and encouragement in your life. If you live with family, never forget the love they provide you that fills each day with smiles and laughter. Spend a family movie night together or grab a card for your parents this Valentine's Day. What about your closest, best friends who have been through all your highs and lows? Get your best friend and do something you both love! I consider my best friend to be my sister (LOVE HER TO DEATH), so Valentine's Day is just another day for us to have a sleepover, put on face masks, and talk **** about everyone who breathes near us ! And if you do happen to be completely focused on work and your career, don't forget to thank those that have been a good role model or perhaps, helped paved the way for your benefit in the future.

Lastly, Valentine's Day is all about love, and even though it is great to spend it with that special someone, showing appreciation for others you also love goes a long way.

P.S. If your significant other only spoils you and shows you the love you deserve ONLY on Valentine's Day, do not let that person make this holiday a pitiful excuse to be around you. Every single day should be Valentine's Day if they truly loved you.

P.S.S. If your significant other does not even celebrate Valentine' Day, dump him/her immediately.

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