Yes, my boyfriend and I's anniversary is on Valentine's Day. No, I don't care that it's cliche.

My boyfriend and I met a little over two years ago under some pretty weird circumstances. Long story short, I just got out of a relationship and was not looking to start a new one.

Around a month after getting out of the relationship I was in my now boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend. I was hesitant, I wanted to. I really did. I told him to give me two more weeks for an answer and sure enough two weeks later, on Valentine's Day, we became official.

Just because it is a popular holiday does not make it any less special and memorable for us. I mean,hey, at least it's something that we can't forget.

No one should ever feel shamed or self conscious about the anniversary date of start a relationship with their SO. That is your special day and no one has the right to take away what's special about it to you.

Always remember that one thing that is silly to you can mean the whole world to someone else. Be kind, be loving, and be supportive.