8 Things I Hope You Did Yesterday Instead Of Crying Alone
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8 Things I Hope You Did Yesterday Instead Of Crying Alone

What to do when you don't have that special someone.

8 Things I Hope You Did Yesterday Instead Of Crying Alone

Hate Valentine’s Day? Don’t have/ don’t need a valentine? Sick of the same ole song ‘n dance? Well, here are a few remedies for your stupid Cupid’s Day blues.

1. Get Lit

Roses are red, violets are blue, vodka costs less than dinner for two. Whether you are single or a dynamic duo, you betta recognize that going outside on February the 14th is putting yourself at risk of witnessing absurd amounts of PDA, and let’s be honest nobody wants to see that sh<3t.

2. Man’s Best Friend

You won’t be the only one spending this day alone, so why not do it doggy style? Head on down to your local animal shelter and cuddle someone who will always love you back. Better yet adopt a dog or volunteer to take on the day together. A cute pup may send a few barks up your alley.

3. Galentine’s Day

All my single ladies please stand up. This is a great time to plan a little get together with your girls, maybe a night on the town, an adventure, or even a night in with Netflix and a bottle of two buck chuck. If you’re really bored dress up like Bey and learn the entire single ladies video until you pass out from being flawless.

4. Retail Therapy

Treat yoself this Valentine’s Day by splurging on something you’ve had your eye on for awhile now or just a little something that reminds you that well…

5. This Girl is on Fire

One of my personal favorites and constant go- tos in times of unprecedented resentment towards the world, FSU. Take out those old flames of yours with some real fire. Somehow burning pictures of your ex is fun and provides closure. Side note: hooters is offering free wings this Valentine’s Day to everyone who comes bearing pictures of their past lovers to be shredded on-site.

6. Share the Love

Make your own hilarious Valentine’s Day Cards with your name and number included. Walk around Campus and hand them out to all that catch your eye and see what catches you are capable of reeling in. Better yet, hand deliver Valentine’s cards to those who may really need them at a nursing home or homeless shelter to remind everyone how loved they are.

7. Get Physical

Consider a spa day, massage, or even a trip to the nearest gym with a steam room. Any of these activities will leave you feeling nothing but flawless.

8. Be Cupid

If you want to cheer up the obscene amount of grumpy singles this V-Day you could dress up like cupid and buy a nerf/ water gun and run around shooting people. I suggest a long range gun due to the heightened levels of rage that singles seem to acquire on such a day.

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