UW’s Nigel Hayes: ‘To White America, Black Athletes Should Only Entertain’
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UW’s Nigel Hayes: ‘To White America, Black Athletes Should Only Entertain’

Wisconsin Badger basketball players speak up about police brutality and the oil pipeline.

UW’s Nigel Hayes: ‘To White America, Black Athletes Should Only Entertain’

Wisconsin basketball star Nigel Hayes took a stand on Twitter Wednesday night in response to this week’s officer-involved shootings.

"Racism towards black people isn't getting 'worse'," Hayes tweeted Wednesday Night. "It's getting filmed and shared for all to see what actually goes on ," This was just one of 44 tweets regarding social inequality and police brutality against the black community.

Hayes took a particular interest in the shooting of Terence Crutcher, a 40-year-old Tulsa man who was shot to death by a police officer after his vehicle stalled in the middle of the road.

"I urge you to view the Tulsa killing of ." Hayes tweeted. "Maybe a video is good enough to not be a 'bailout'."

Betty Shelby, the Oklahoma police officer that killed Crutcher, has been charged with manslaughter after the Tulsa County District Attorney's Office found that she "reacted unreasonably" and became "emotionally involved to the point that she overreacted," according to NBC News.

After receiving a number of tweets criticizing his beliefs on the issue, Hayes made it clear how he felt about minority athlete's role in American society.

"To White America, black athletes should only entertain. Once they speak on social issues, they've gone too far..."One individual tweeted at Hayes saying, "It really is a bummer to read all your tweets tonight. You've painted all whites with a very broad brush."To which Hayes responded sarcastically, "Crazy. What kind of person would do that? I'm glad they don't do this to black people..."

Hayes also stressed the fact that he feels there is a double standard when it comes to civilian riots.

"Blacks riot when people are murdered without consequences... Whites riot when sports teams win championships..."

Hayes isn't the only Badger speaking up about important social issues. His fellow teammate and star point guard, Bronson Koenig, drove 13 hours from Wisconsin to Fort Yates, North Dakota to stand with protestors in opposition to the oil pipeline, according to NBC Sports.

Their recent display of activism certainly has not gone unnoticed. Democratic lawmaker, Mandela Barns, recognized the young men for their efforts.

"So dope to see @NIGEL_HAYES find his voice and@BronsonK_24's activism on the DAPL," Barns tweeted. "Hottest duo in sports right now."

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