An Open Letter To Rutgers' Bus Riders
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To The Rutgers Bus Riders Who Make Commuting To Class An Active War Zone

Believe me, getting on a Rutgers bus is sometimes like a war zone and it's every man for themselves, but pushing people when there clearly isn't anywhere for them to go just causes more problems.

View of the "Scott Hall" bus stop
Emily Montgomery

For anyone who doesn't know the Rutgers bus system, it can be incredibly frustrating. The Rutgers buses are how students from every campus get to and from class, so the buses are pretty much packed Monday-Friday. There are many things to complain about regarding the buses and it can be a nightmare trying to get on a bus (especially and LX bus), so here are just a few things you can do to improve yours and everyone else's commute.

1. Take up every seat that is available!

Unless the air conditioning on the bus is dripping on the seat making it wet and not usable (which happens often), FILL IN ALL THE SEATS! I can not tell you how many times I have seen kids sit on the aisle seat and leave the window seat open. Why? If you don't want to sit next to a stranger, then you picked the wrong means of transportation because every Rutgers bus forces you to get to know strangers on a different level when you are packed on a bus with very little moving space. So, to make things easier and open up even just a little space, suck it up and let someone sit next to you. Stop leaving seats open and reserving them just because you don't want someone to sit next to you. We all have places to go and every seat matters!


When all the seats on the bus are taken and people are standing, it helps a lot when people move all the way towards the back of the bus so the maximum amount people can get on. For some reason, no one ever wants to move up the steps and cram in towards the back of the bus too. Everyone just piles on in the front end of the bus when there's a whole other half of the bus where people can stand and get to where they're going as well.

3. If you're the person who is standing too close to the door that it won't open or close, please get off the bus

I get that everyone has class and has places to be, but if you're that person who is standing in the way of the bus door then you're just holding everyone else up. NEWS FLASH: the bus driver will not drive away if the doors of the bus cannot properly open and close. So many times I have seen kids try and get on the bus at the last second, but they just simply can not fit, so the bus door won't close. Accept the fact that the buses do, in fact, have limits and kindly get off the bus and wait for the next one. Most buses run pretty closely together, especially if it's an LX bus. I'm sure waiting for the next bus in two minutes will not kill you.


It's understandable that you're going to get pushed around a little bit. But, what is not acceptable is violently trucking through people because you feel that you deserve a spot on the bus over someone else. Believe me, getting on a Rutgers bus is sometimes like a war zone and it's every man for themselves, but pushing people when there clearly isn't anywhere for them to go just causes more problems. We all have one common goal and that is to get to our destination without any issues. So, help each other out and keep your hands to yourself!

5. Listen to the bus drivers and THANK THEM!

The buses can be incredibly frustrating. EVERY Rutgers student knows this. So, put yourself in the bus driver's shoes and understand that on top of driving the bus, they often act as traffic directors as well. A lot of bus drivers will tell students when they can and can't get on due to available space and when students should pack in tighter. Some drivers will literally scream throughout the bus, so the best thing to do is just listen to them. When they say "move in closer," do exactly that. If they tell you that they're only letting kids off and not on, RESPECTFULLY listen to them.

There have been multiple occasions that I have witnessed students totally disrespect and disregard everything the bus driver says as if they are not the ones in control of the bus. When it's your time to get off, it doesn't hurt to thank the bus driver. Yes, it may be their job to drive the buses, but that doesn't mean they aren't deserving of a little gratitude. It's no secret that people can be rude, especially frustrated, stressed out, college kids, and that's who the bus drivers deal with on a daily basis, so thank them.

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