We all have stressful days. Ones where nothing seems to go right, or ones that have an unexpected turn, or just a bunch of little things that have built up on you. Regardless of what the cause is, we all have our fair share of stressful times throughout our week.

There's an easy solution: exercise. Now I am not telling you to go out and get a year's gym membership. But be active. Go for a bike ride, a jog, a walk with the dog, etc. etc. Just go and get moving. By doing this, it will distract you and help release the built-up stress. Exercise is a great way to alleviate mental and emotional pressure that has acquired over time.

This tactic may not work for every single person, but at least give it a shot. There is no downside to this method. At the very least, you get some workout time into your day. More likely than not, you will also feel less stressed once you've recuperated from whatever exercise you did.

I know of many people who use exercise to escape. One of my close friends in college loves to workout. She loves it so much that it's her major. She has become an inspiration to a lot of people, myself included. Just going outside for a leisurely walk will do the trick. I constantly walk places to clear my mind.

Exercise is a great and effective way to deal with a lot of issues. Things like stress, boredom, and depression can be lessened just by becoming active. Again, no one is saying to go join a gym right off the bat. But definitely start going out and becoming active. Who knows, you might just enjoy it.