The Reality Of Gun Violence In America Is That ALL Of It Is Preventable And NONE Of It Is Ok

The Reality Of Gun Violence In America Is That ALL Of It Is Preventable And NONE Of It Is Ok

It happens a lot more than we hear about.


Exactly a year after Parkland, there had been nearly 350 mass shootings in the U.S., defined as a shooting in which four or more people, excluding the shooter, were shot but not necessarily killed. That number is very close to one every day in the year since.

If we look even farther back than just one year ago in Parkland, if we go all the way back to Sandy Hook in December 2012, when the mantra of "never again" was adopted, there has been nearly 2,000 mass shootings since. Over 2,200 people were killed, and nearly 8,200 were wounded. Since 2013, there has only been one full calendar week in the U.S.--the week of January 5, 2014--that did not have a mass shooting. From January 1 of this year to February 14, there had been 37 mass shootings, which saw 60 people killed and 113 wounded.

The worst part is, mass shootings happen so often now that we don't always hear of them. In the past year since the Parkland shooting, I had only heard of a handful of the nearly 350 mass shootings that took place. And that's not because I don't pay attention. When I'm at home, I'd watch the morning or nightly news with my family--which, for Chicago news stations, involves a lot of gun violence stories--and when I'm in college and don't have a TV, I read a lot of news articles online. I care about what happens in this nation, what happens around me. And perhaps that's why, as a human being, all of this hurts so much.

The more articles I read about the shooting in Aurora at Henry Pratt Co., the more statistics I find relating to gun violence and mass shootings, the more I read about the so-called national emergency our president declared, the more painful this all becomes. To think that so many people are losing their lives to gun violence and mass shootings and there's relatively nothing being done to stop it, no recognition from the leader of our nation, it's incredibly sickening. It's all unnecessary bloodshed, innocent lives being taken. I absolutely hate that I have to write this--I shouldn't have to write this.

Citizens of this country should not be afraid to go to work. They shouldn't have to worry about being shot on their first day on the job, whether an intern or full-time employee--they've already got first-day nerves, the added fear of a shooting does not need to be there. They shouldn't have to be afraid to go to school, not knowing if they'll be able to make it home that day. Parents shouldn't be scared to send their kids to school, either. And college kids worst nightmare shouldn't be not being able to make it home if something happened to their parents or siblings or friends during a mass shooting. A president's response to this shouldn't be a routine. We shouldn't be numb to hearing about yet another mass shooting.

All of this is preventable. All of this needs to be addressed. None of this is okay.

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Stop Immediately Turning Tragedies Into Your Selfish Political Agenda

Change can be discussed later, but right now you should just shut up and show love.

This country has seen more than our fair share of heartbreak and disaster. We have too many tragedies in our country to even be able to function most of the time. With that said, stop turning things into evidence for your agendas and let people mourn.

With the latest shooting, my heart is broken for this country. After it happened, it took less than 2 hours for my Twitter feed to be filled with "gun control" tweets. This disgusted me in more ways than one.

Should gun control be a subject in Congress? Yes. Should that be what everyone is talking about immediately after a tragedy? Never. It is disgusting. Too many people took their time to shun the President or Congress, and did not offer one word of solace for the families who just LOST their loved ones.

Lives were ENDED, and all you have to say is that it is our President's fault? Really? Many Americans need to grow up and wake up.

I agree that we need to look at how available AR-15's and SMG's are to the public. Background checks should be more extensive and those with mental disabilities need to be taken into further consideration.

However, you cannot logically get rid of all guns. When you do this, you take away the guns from people who would defend their neighbors, and put it in the hands of only criminals. Oh, but if guns were illegal then there would be no guns, right? Yeah, just like there are not cocaine or methamphetamine addicts. Drugs are illegal, but you see more illegal drugs in the hands of ignorant teenagers than the cancer patients who could use it.

Stop taking tragedies and making them into political agendas that do not even make sense. I hate the fact that I even had to refute the social media posts that I see, but that is what it has gotten to. You are not even letting people mourn. They have not even had time to BURY THEIR LOVED ONES and you are already discussing your campaign slogans for 2018 and 2020.

Wake. Up. America.

We can argue our sides later. Let these families figure out how to survive without their significant others and children. The last thing these families need is your negativity and selfishness. They need love because they just lost part of their hearts.

Shut up about your political agenda and show empathy for these people. We are all sick of hearing it, and you might actually get further in life if you show some respect.

I pray for these families and cannot imagine the heartache that they are feeling. They need time to heal and move on, although there will always be a hole in their lives. Let's come together as a country to support them, not fight against each other with politics.

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I Miss Vine, The Revolver Emoji, And When People Weren't All Offended

An open letter to those who do not support the second amendment in pop culture.


I miss the days of old. When I could pull up Vine, watch a man chase a tornado with an American flag and a shotgun, laugh a good laugh, and be on my merry way. I miss the days when I could caption my hunting photos with a revolver emoji and longed for the day a rifle emoji would be able to represent the sport of marksmanship.

Almost every sport known to man has an emoji, but if you're a hunter, skeet-shooting aficionado, mounted shooter or accomplished marksman, I guess you're just out of luck. Am I offended by that? Oh well, my opinion is apparently invalid within the realm of pop culture. Don't tell me a revolver emoji promotes violence while you sit sassy and content on your couch playing "Call of Duty" or "Fortnite."

News flash, just because those little "Fortnite" guns look futuristic and spacey doesn't make the object of the game any different.

The entire object of the game is to kill all the other players. I guess since we're replacing emojis with "less-threatening" counterparts, we should go ahead and change the knife emoji to a plastic butter-knife. It seems strange to me that with an opioid epidemic tearing through the country, you haven't called for the pill emoji to be removed. What about the sword emojis? Shouldn't those be replaced with lightsabers? Maybe replace them with pool noodles?

No. Emojis are not the problem.

TikTok, where's your support for the Second Amendment? Vine was always there for a good laugh and a good dose of 'merica here and there. You still choose to allow videos picturing the act of murder, but with water guns because that's better. A person can hold a gun to another person's head and cause them to "drop dead" to follow popular trends, but since they use nerf guns or water pistols, it's not depicting violence. It's all fun and games to joke about murder, but God forbid someone shows off their marksmanship skills or posts a hunting video. I'm not calling for an end to the trends and all things funny, I just don't understand how nobody is saying a word about this double standard.

I'm not calling for a banning of "Fortnite" or a complete boycott of social media, but I am pleading with you. Don't silence my voice. Don't inhibit freedom of expression. Don't punish those who have followed the laws and taken the precautions. It's my heritage, it's my culture, it's my life. It's a sense of pride when I finally master dismantling a new gun or finally, after weeks of practice, learn to sight in a new rifle. It's knowing I'm not helpless and that I can defend myself in somewhat dangerous situations. It's having peace of mind in a house all alone as a woman who lives on her own. I know many will not agree with me, and that's OK.

I'm entitled to my opinion just as you are entitled to yours. The only difference here is I'm not trying to take away your constitutionally-given rights.

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