How The United States Gymnastics Team Will Prepare For Tokyo 2020

Why does this keep happening?

Hearts were aching and many were sick to their stomach on January 15th when USA Olympic medalist, Samantha Biles, took to Twitter announcing her unfortunate participation in the #MeToo movement. Biles, among several other elite athletes, were sexually abused and assaulted by the USA Gymnastics team doctor, now imprisoned-lifer.

The decorated Texas Native describes herself as "happy, giggly, and energetic," yet was forced to silently suffer from the trauma she endured, questioning her role in the devastating situation. She was pressured into thinking that she was guilty and at fault for what happened at the hands of her physician. It is an absolute shame that someone--- someone who was trusted to take care of the well-being of others, would take advantage of his position and carry out such a malicious and egregious agenda on innocent and helpless young women.

Sub-human, Larry Nassar's gross and vastly inappropriate actions have been brushed under the rug for far too long, and complaints of his misconduct have been reported, but ignored. Why? Why were authorities so ignorant and dismissive of their female athlete's accusations? Why was creepy Dr. Larry Nassar so freaking special to these ignorant, enabling organizations, that they couldn't take into consideration his vindictive and repulsive behavior that several females tried to reveal? How do men like Nassar get away with violating these young women over and over again? Why wasn't something done about this sooner?

Upon hearing these allegations, I question why these girls, and other victims of abuse, don't scream at the top of their lungs until they get someone's attention. Why did McKayla Maroney sign a confidentiality agreement, settle for a large financial sum, and stay quiet; therefore allowing her abuser to continue abusing other girls? This could have been stopped.

Is it because females are seen as glorified objects?--- Brainwashed to believe that they are supposed to be aesthetically pleasing, flawless, proper, and graceful. Being sexually abused is like becoming damaged goods. They [females] are no longer perfect to society. They don't cry for help because they are told not to cry. They are told not to talk about topics that would indicate promiscuity. Acting a certain way would go against their brand.

Beloved Olympians are trophies and monuments. It is no wonder these victims were silenced, to save face for the organization.

Most of this could have been avoided, much like the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal against young male athletes in 2011. Haven't we learned? If one person doesn't listen to you, tell another and another until someone listens. Don't stop until someone hears you and don't let anyone silence you.

*Or just stop sexually assaulting people.

On the road to recovery:

What is in store for the USA Gymnastics team as they prepare for Tokyo 2020?

1. New Training Facilities

To help ease and erase those horrific and traumatic memories, the organization has decided to cut ties with the former gymnastics training facility, Karolyi Ranch.

2. Healing

The team and the victims need time to heal. Over 150 women came forward and began their healing process, providing powerful testimonies for their abuser to hear. Now they must take the time to process everything, refocus their mindset, work closely with psychologists to mentally train for their next goal.

3. Regaining Trust

With the former physician behind bars and the board stepping down, the girls have to learn to trust authorities again.

4. Rediscovering Love for the Sport

Many of the gymnasts recalled that Nassar didn't ruin or take away their love for the sport. However, their lives revolve around gymnastics and this incident occurred in that mindset and context. They will have to channel positive energy in order to continue growing and loving the sport.

5. Setting New Goals

Tokyo Summer Olympics is right around the corner, only 2 years away. With all of the new changes coming to the organization and recent traumas uncovered, the gymnasts will have big challenges to overcome and new goals to strive for. Biles, Raisman will be returning to the Olympics in 2020; and their comeback will be better than their setback.

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