Unselfishly Satisfying Self-Love
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Unselfishly Satisfying Self-Love

You are enough to love yourself.

Unselfishly Satisfying Self-Love

Self-love - easily recognizable, but very rarely visible. For whatever reason that society formulates in its mind, we are not supposed to love ourselves. It's a pity to love ourselves with an ounce of the courage that it takes to love others. As a society, we are more likely to love our neighbor or that random and isolated individual we always come across in town, than to show that same condition to ourselves. We so easily and gracefully give, that we often forget to receive from the individual that commonly has the most love in their hearts, us. We dictate it as a shame, an injustice, a crime. However, if you examine the reasoning for our instinct deeper, the truth will reveal itself. Our inability to show affection and attention to the individual that we occupy all our time with, every second of each passing day, is a fatal fault of our society.

With Valentine's day vanishing as quickly as it appears every year, I have been contemplating and observing the priorities of other young adults my own age, as well as my own. I've witnessed our tendencies and acknowledgements to compare our lives to those around us. I have seen the extreme sadness that stretches upon faces, as there is realization that there is a lack of the millennial's priority, love, in their lives. The misguided attempts to love someone before loving a fraction of ourselves. Although courageous, I strongly believe that the curves or lack thereof on your body, the contagious laughter that you spread, and irregular and yet unique aspects of your being must be admired by yourself and for yourself first. The appreciation of you as a part of humanity is not an easy or simplified feat. It's a process; therefore, taking years to develop and expand upon. However, still relevant in the practice of respecting ourselves.

There are not enough words in the English language to convey to whom ever may be reading this, the hurt scattered through the generations of people who have placed others before themselves. The amount of "I am not enough for him/her" or "she/he does not need me" I have observed. With so much meaning to the speaker, but absence of significance or truth to the listener. Because let's face it, we are never not enough for someone. It is not a matter of missing this crucial aspect that they are longing for - an element that they have placed their life on hold for. Rather, their misguided words of remembrance are the result of being too much for them. They fear the conditions that we represent and bring forth.

Frequently, I have witnessed the false tales of someone being "too intimidating", but in reality, that somebody was too wise and mature with too much love to give to the prospective receiver. Behind a series of tears, I have witnessed the actions of an individual being told that "it's not you, it's me". These words are the commonalities of giving everything within you to the one(s) who leaves with it all, often replacing a sense of safety with hesitation and halt. Suddenly, the emotional individual cannot progress. They are suspended from progression.

Yes, it is not the specific efforts of the individual that caused this rejection. In truth, it's the theme of not being the right fit for each other, because there is too much of a characteristic or readiness that someone is not prepared for. There is a point to be made of not being on the same page. The possibility of being in different stages in life. If you are ready for more, than do not settle or prolong your progress and success to appease them. There is truth in goodbye. Although, often matched with reluctance. It is important to note that this concept is obtained only after the sole individual divulges it to themselves. When the change and transformation forward is accepted. This revelation is discovered in the brief and calming presence when you realize that their dimpled smile and soft touch is not enough to hold you back. When your confronted with the possibility of your future, only to comprehend that previous days entangled with their memory are preventing you from becoming your idealized self. In these short but prolonged seconds, you will understand your worth. It is a battle that you will have to repeatedly reminding yourself, but an investment.

Overall, this period of time will be a series of baby-steps. It will be one of the most vulnerable concepts known to society. Although, just think, if you could entrust your heart that deeply to the wrong person, than how much you could give to yourself and one day the right individual. You deserve more. You deserve to understand and receive the love that you radiate to others. If you are to believe one thing that I have said within this thousand-word piece, believe this - you are more than enough to love yourself. You are enough. Repeat those crucial words to yourself and feel the power behind them. You, you are glorious in all of your being. Every curve that wrinkles and originates as you formulate the tiniest smile or glimmer in your eyes as you talk about something that inspires you is worth your self-love. You are the only one who can give yourself the privilege and validation for this kind of respect. Isn't it about time to indulge yourself?

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