10 Things All Winthrop University Students Understand

Winthrop University, just as any other college or university, has it's constant occurrences. Whether you have been here for a semester or it is your last semester, there are things around campus that we can easily classify as "just Winthrop Things" or "Winthrop Problems." Our unique campus allows students of all years to relate to these ten things. Be prepared to nod your heads in agreement.

1. Cars randomly driving down Scholar's Walk every blue moon

Honestly, I still question how this happens sometimes. But, thankfully they always find their way back to the main road.

2. Thomson closing at 7 and you get out of class at 6:45

I will forever be salty having to run from Owens to get to Thomson in order to make it on time before they close. Many calories have been burned trying to get there on time.

3. So you go to Digs...and Popeye's runs out of french fries

My heart literally breaks every time they tell me "I'm sorry we're out of french fries." I live for those cajun french fries...and the biscuits too.

4. When you want Subway, but you don't want to walk to Dinkins

Let's be honest. We all love switching it up and going to Subway, but it is never ideal having to walk forever and a half to get there.

5. Having to walk up 10,000 stairs to get to the 2nd floor of Owens

Owens was simply created to make our lives miserable. Despite it's convenient location on scholars, and the computer lab, the stairs are truly a killer. Hopefully I am not the only one who finally gets to the second floor (we all know it's really the third) of Owens and enters class out of breath.

6. The ridiculously long lines at Einstein's

I love Einstein bagels. Honestly, I love a good chocolate chip or cinnamon raisin bagel every now and then. However, the lines in the mornings are deadly. Having to stand in a line for 20 minutes just to wait another 10 to get my order is sometimes just not worth it for me.

7. But, somehow you still make it to class on time after being in the line

It's pure magic every time I see someone make it to their classes on time with an Einstein bag in hand. I could not do it, but I applaud those who do. It's an accomplishment.

8. Making late night trips to Chick-fila or Cookout multiple times a week

Let's be honest with ourselves here: any trip to Chick-fila or Cookout always provides a good time and pure happiness.

9. Hiking to Dacus Library only when you have to

Jake Gyllenhaal perfectly describes how I feel about going to Dacus Library...

10. Greek life everywhere

The salt bae has blessed us with Greek life at every turn on campus.

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