What I Don't Understand About Modern Dating

The technology revolution has completely altered life as we all know it.

We have the world at our fingertips all day, every day, and we are constantly communicating with one another. If there's one area of life that has been completely altered, it's the dating aspect. Before cell phones and social media, people actually had to call others and spend time with them to get to know them.

Now, if you have a best friend as tech-savvy as mine, you'll know his name, birthday, hometown, past girlfriends, dog's name, dad's profession, and sister's college before you even reach out. I can't say this has ruined dating, but it has revolutionized it. Even though I grew up surrounded by this technology, there are still some things I don't quite get about modern dating.

What is the point of playing texting games? People today spend so much time calculating how long they should wait until they respond, and they slave over the perfect text that doesn't make them seem too desperate or too available.

I understand the chase to an extent, but doesn't it get frustrating trying to get a hold of someone you want to get to know? If you're both interested, why waste time playing silly games?

Then there are labels. "Dating" has seemingly morphed into "talking" because people are afraid of admitting that they're interested in someone, but then where does being a "thing" fall? Talking doesn't even make sense.

Does this stage even need a label? I miss the days when people would say that they're seeing someone or they met someone because it was easier for everyone to understand.

Social media throws its own wrench in the science of dating. When is appropriate to post a picture with this person? Can you follow all of their social media accounts at once? What happens if they like another girl's picture?

All of these questions show us one thing: technology is allowing us to read further into a person's every move, and it's definitely not the healthiest way to begin a relationship. This doesn't even include dating apps and the tip-toeing people do on there.

I am grateful for the wonderful things that technology does for us, but it has created so many new "rules" when it comes to dating. Dating should be fun, and we shouldn't have to perfectly outmaneuver someone to win them over, whether it be through texting, labeling, or social media.

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