13 Artists You Probably Don't Know But Should Seriously Add To Your Spotify Playlist
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13 Artists You Probably Don't Know But Should Seriously Add To Your Spotify Playlist

Tired of listening to the same artists over and over again? Have a listen to a list of these not-so-well known artists to expand your playlist!

Jack and Jack

Need new artists to listen to? Here are 13 artists that I listen to that not a lot of people know about! This list consists of pop, pop-rap, contemporary R&B, R&B/soul, pop/rock, and alternative/indie - all in that same order. A couple of these artists are also YouTubers. So, if you like their music, I bet you'll like their YouTube videos, as well!

1. Lauv

Lauv is mostly known for his pop song "I Like Me Better," but "Chasing Fire" is probably my ultimate favorite song of his. I absolutely love to listen to this while walking on the beach!

2. Tyler Shaw

Tyler Shaw's style of pop in this particular song is the sweetest and most adorable thing ever. "Wanted" is also another song of his that I absolutely love!

3. Ruel

Ruel's style of pop music is more laid back with chill vibes and "Not Thinkin' Bout You" is just that!

4. AJ Mitchell

If you were to know AJ Mitchell, you would probably know him for his pop song "Slow Dance" with Ava Max. "Hate That I Love You" is my favorite song of his, though.

5. Ellise

No one I follow on Instagram also follows Ellise. Her pop songs "Keep It To Myself," "Love Made Me Do It," and "Pinky Promise" are my absolute favorites!

6. Alexander Stewart

I found Alexander on YouTube through one of his music cover videos. I remember I found him when he only had around 50,000 subscribers. Now he has 1.82 million! Despite his growth over the last couple of years, no one I follow on Instagram also follows him. His pop song "Best Damn Thing" is my favorite song he's released!

7. Jack and Jack

Jack and Jack is a pop-rap duo, and "Tension" is my favorite song they sing. They recently decided to make music as solo artists, and they're just as good as their duo songs!

8. Olivia O'Brien

Olivia O'Brien is mostly known for her pop song "Hate You, Love You" with G-Nash, but her most recent contemporary R&B song "NOW" is an absolute BOP!


HRVY's latest pop song, "Good Vibes," is nothing like the previous music he's released, but it's such a great song to boost your mood if you're feeling a bit under the weather! The R&B version of his song "Younger" is also great one to listen to.

10. Franny

Franny Arrieta is a YouTuber who releases R&B/soul music, and I love both her videos and her music!


NEZZA is also a YouTuber who releases great R&B/soul music! Fun fact: she's actually best friends with Franny and does lots of collaboration videos with her!

12. The Vamps

The Vamps are mostly known for their pop songs "Somebody to You" with Demi Lovato and "All Night," but their first single for their upcoming album is definitely a big step up in their music! When they were starting off as a band, they first released pop/rock music but have switched over to pop in the recent years.

13. Memphis Wild

I somehow came across this guy's Instagram and absolutely loved his alternative/indie music!

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