5 Underrated Celebrities Who Are Making A Global Change
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5 Underrated Celebrities Who Are Making A Global Change

Thank you to all of those, rich or poor, who make an effort to give back to the community!

5 Underrated Celebrities Who Are Making A Global Change

Being a celebrity ensures fame and most importantly fortune. It must be nice to have lavish things that you worked hard for. But, it's always great to give back to the community. With all of that money they make, it wouldn't hurt to use some for those in need. In fact, we all should, famous or not.

I noticed that some of these celebrities have been devoting their lives to help others in need for years and their work isn't always recognized in the media. It's a good feeling to improve people's lives and I thank every celebrity that has given back. From helping kids get an education, helping provide clean water, to putting a roof over someone's head, and helping discover new medicine.

These celebrities are among the many who strive to help others. Here are some of the five underrated celebrities whose work made a huge impact on other's lives:

1. Alicia Keys

Keep A Child Alive organization to help prevent HIV and other diseases among children in Africa. So far, the organization has spread to other countries. The goal is to help children stay safe from unwanted disease and provide treatment for those in need. Keep A Child Alive's mission statement is to “realize the end of AIDS for children and their families, by combating the physical, social and economic impacts of HIV." Keys has been advocating for the prevention of HIV in children even before she had children of her own!

2. Akon

Akon is definitely one of the most underrated celebrities who has done numerous amounts of work! For example, after his musical Career, Akon traveled to Africa and noticed that millions were dying from toxins due to the lack of proper electricity. He then created the Akon Lighting Africa charity to bring solar power to those who are still living in the dark. In fact, his charity helped fund the development of solar powered generators and centers to create innovative technical solutions. As a result, Akon helped provide electricity for 600 million Africans! Definitely worthy of appreciation!

3. Angelina Jolie

Jolie-Pitt Foundation and have donated millions of dollars to the less fortunate. Jolie has also adopted children who were living in poverty.

4. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project to promote health in Africa and safety. She has appeared in campaigns that focused on HIV prevention and the prevention of violence against women in South Africa. In early 2009, she also became a United Nations Messenger of Peace.

5. John Legend

Show Me Campaign to fund for the needy and provided schools for children. His campaign helped raise economic, social, and educational growth!

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