Hey Readers,

This piece doesn't really have any deep meaning. I wanted to write something describing the complexities that is "time." It can be unfriendly, but it can also be an ally. No matter what you take away from this writing, I hope that it provides healthy clarity for you to truly live out your dreams. I know it isn't always easy, but I am in your corner should you need it. Good vibes to you.

Time became too quickly lived

One day, spilling into the next

And no one knew what to do with it

That "it" being time itself

When it all runs out

Who will refill your energy cup?

Time isn't dispensable

It is among some resources

That once gone, it cannot return

Where did the place you remember last

Truly go?

Did Time swallow it whole

Or was Memory being kind?

Time is an awakening

To the ever confusing world around us

Yet is acts as slumber

To those who use it quicker than most

Or not at all

Time can weaken the soul

As you watch things change around you

Without any input

But Time can strengthen the spirit

If you seek what you want most

And don't let it go

The concept of Time is tricky

It is both friend

And foe

But no matter what,

It follows you everywhere you go

But I pray that

You use it well

You hold it close

You relish in what you have

For whatever you still desire

It will take Time

And Patience,

Two ideas that seem like strangers to each other

But in it many doors await

Some may open that you were looking for

Others may be unexpected

There is really no warning

But the stars show us signs

There is nothing more mysterious

Than Time

May it show you the way

May it speak to you

And be kind

For with every passing second

I believe there is still hope

In all that you've dreamt of

Of all that you've anticipated

I wish I could say it would stop

However, Time gives no

Broken Clocks

Nothing waits against it

So go

Show Time






That's how you'll truly know