10 Stupid Things That Characters Do In Horror Movies

People in horror movies have the worst decision making skills. It seems like no matter how many horror movies you watch they always do the same thing. They just hand themselves over on a silver platter to the killer. From forgetting how to run or going into the scary basement, people in horror movies always seem to think they are untouchable until their end ultimately comes. I guess things will never change. Here are 10 unbelievably stupid thing characters do in horror movies.

1. They go into the basement

Why is it that the first choice of the characters is always to go check the basement? It is dark, scary, and one of the steps is possibly broken which will led to the character falling and dying. You know, I am too paranoid to go to the bathroom alone, what give this the idea to go check the basement out alone?

2. They always go to the darkest place possible

They go to the one spot with the least amount of light. Instead, of going to a place where you can actually see the killer in front of you, they choose the least visible and dark place. i am already blind enough with the lights on, so why would I go into the dark areas?

3. They follow the trail of blood

What are the expecting to find? Spoiler alert, there is nothing you want to find at the end of it. All they ever seem to find is a killer or a dead friend.

4. They play with the Ouija board

Why do they think that it will just be this harmless fun game? They are just like I am just trying to contact my mother and next thing you know they have a demon trying to kill them for the next hour and a half of the movie. It could have been prevented if someone in their group would have just said no. They didn't have to touch the board, but of course they do.

5. Be nosy while trying to escape

Do they just not hear the noise they are making or do they really think the killer doesn't hear them? Like, why do they have to hit or run into everything along the way of escaping?

6. They tell killer to kill them

I will never understand this one. Instead of trying to get way or just leaving, they antagonize the killer. I feel no sympathy for the characters who die when they literally were seen only a scene before asking the killer to kill them. They had it coming.

7. They forget how to run

Whenever the do run away from the killer, they always seem to turn into the clumsiest person or worse if they have glasses they become Valema from Scooby Doo.

8. They investigate the noises 

Why do they always think that it is totally okay to go investigate a noise they heard in the dark when they know there is a killer out there? i get scared when I hear a noise in my apartment and don't realize it is just my dog, yet they are brave (possibly just dumb) enough to go see what is making that creepy noise. I don't think so.

9. They never call the cops

It seems like after someone dies the next logical step would be to call the cops, but characters never seem to do that. They always think they are like the gang of Scooby Doo and can do it themselves. However, I will say in their defense it isn't like any of the cops in horror movies every believe anyone or live long enough to do anything about it.

10. They ask, "is anyone there?"

This is probably the dumbest of dumb things that any character can do in a horror movie. Why would you ask the killer if he is there? Are you expected an answer? What are you even go do if they do answer?

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