Ultimate Summer Bucket List
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Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Use this 3-month break to its complete advantage.

Ultimate Summer Bucket List
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Summer -- something we all look forward to the entire school year. It means going back to hometown friends, a job (money, finally), the beach or pool, warm weather, and the most important part -- no classes!

This summer try to check these things off of your list, you may just end up having the most fun summer of your life!

1. Go on a vacation to a lake.

Boating is one of the most fun things to do, and doing it during the summer makes it that much better. With the warm sun and refreshing water, nothing is better.

2. Learn how to surf.

If you live somewhere like SoCal or Hawaii, there seems to be surfers left and right. this should be on everyone's bucket lists, at least trying it once shows that you tried... even if it doesn't work out (like it didn't for me)

3. Go to Disneyland

-If you're a Disney fanatic like me, then there's nothing better than going to the happiest place on earth, during the warmest days of the year. Imagine walking around, riding roller coasters, and watching fireworks while being under the warm sun -- nothing better.

4. Jump off a bridge.

If you have access to a local bridge into a lake or ocean, take that opportunity to check this off of your list! It's always fun to take videos jumping off high cliffs or bridges and looking back at the videos, Afterwards, the thrill is one you've never had before!

5. Go on a long hike.

Hikes are definitely a more fun way of staying active. Whether you are more active or less active, a short or long hike will both be rewarding, especially if the hike leads to a great view (and cute pictures, of course).

6. Scuba diving.

If you haven't been certified for scuba diving, then you should definitely find a local place to take a class. Scuba diving is one of the most interesting and thrilling things to do, and it can end up being some of the most amazing experiences of your life.

7. Go on vacation with a group of friends.

Vacationing with your family is always fun, but nothing like having your best friends by your side while raging internationally. Cabo has always been a dream of mine with all of my friends, and making it happen sounds like the most fun time of our lives! Being with your friends partying, adventuring and bonding is definitely something to put on your bucket list for 2016.

8. Go to a fair.

Cotton candy, ice cream, turkey legs, fried food, rides, concerts, and free stuff... who doesn't like the sound of that? Fairs are one of the highlights of every summer, and experiencing them every year is something I look forward to. The fair is filled with amazing (but unhealthy) food, pretty lights, exciting things, and fun times. Opening day is soon, so make sure to get a ticket to your local fair!

9. Have a bonfire at the beach.

-When thinking of summer I imagine spending the entire day at the beach and sitting around a bonfire on the beach with friends afterwards. These nights end up having the best memories. Bon fires are a major part of summer and I don't think it would be the same without them.

10. Go on a shopping spree.

During the school year we are so busy with classes and everything else that we don't have time (or money) to ever buy ourselves anything nice. This summer try to treat yourself a few times with the money you start to make from working. Go to the closest big city and nice mall, and shop your little heart out! Buy some new swimsuits, outfits, shoes, whatever your heart desires.

Let's make summer 2016 one we will never forget!

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