Your Ultimate Summer Playlists
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Your Ultimate Summer Playlists

Bring on the Summer Nights

Your Ultimate Summer Playlists
the zoe report

Beach Days

Youth -Troye Sivan

American Teen -Kahlid

Lost -Frank Ocean

Up There -Post Malone

Pumped up kicks -Foster the People

San Francisco -The Mowglis

Australia Street -Sticky Fingers

No buses -Arctic Monkeys

Feel it still -Portugal the Man

Cardiac arrest -Bad Suns

Electric feel -MGMT

The lucky ones -Little Sea

Out of my league -Fitz & the Tantrums

Tongue-tied -Grouplove

If I ever feel better -Phoenix

Dang! -Mac Miller

Road Trips/Long Car Rides

No Option -Post Malone

Heavy -Powers

Spider head -Cage the Elephant

Undercover martyr -2 Door Cinema Club

Angels -Chance the Rapper

My hair -The Maine

16 years -The Griswolds

American girl -Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Bad reputation -Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Buddy Holly -Weezer

Don't do me like that -Tom Petty

It's time -Imagine Dragons

Temporary fix -One Direction

Annie -Neon Indian

Bonfires/Star Gazing

Next Year -2 Door Cinema Club

Tell me if you wanna go home -Keira Knightley

Trojans -Atlas Genuis

I'm Yours -Jason Mraz

Gypsy -Fleetwood Mac

Dog days are over -Florence + the Machine

Love your friends, die laughing -Man Overboard

Do you remember -Jack Johnson

Take it easy -The Eagles

Beach -San Cisco

Dancing in the moonlight -King Harvest

Radio -Lana del Rey

What a feeling -One Direction

Santeria -Sublime

We're not just friends -Parks, Squares & Alleys

I want to feel alive -The Lighthouse & The Whaler

Lost stars -Adam Levine

Lit Nights

Money made me do it -Post Malone

Passionfruit -Drake

Pursuit of happiness -Kid Cudi (oldie but goldie am I right)

Old thing back -Matoma & Notorious B.I.G.

Slide -Calvin Harris

Knock Knock -Mac Miller

Fruit punch -Kaiydo

Get it together -Drake

Everyday we lit -YFN Lucci

My shit -A Boogie

Just a picture -Kyle ft. Kehlani

Grey luh -Berhana

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