The Ultimate Mardi Gras Workout Guide
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The Ultimate Mardi Gras Workout Guide

How to burn king cake calories and prep for parades.

The Ultimate Mardi Gras Workout Guide
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Mardi Gras is a time for indulgence; after all, the name literally means "Fat Tuesday." But don't go throwing out all your New Year's Resolutions just yet. You want to have your king cake and eat it, too, so use this simple workout guide to turn your Fat Tuesday into Fit Tuesday.

Walk to your favorite bakeries and parades.

Get a little extra cardio in and do some preemptive damage-control by picking up your king cakes on foot. No matter where you are in New Orleans, there's bound to be a great bakery within a 1-mile radius, so take the opportunity to rack up some steps on your Fitbit and reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, walking to parade routes can definitely be quite the workout.

First slice = 10 burpees

Burpees are probably nobody's favorite exercise, but it's undeniably king when it comes to burning calories. Now that you've picked up your king cake and had your first slice, use this full-body-toning move to practice for jumping to catch beads.

Second slice = 20 pushups

Prepare yourself for carrying home a heavy bag full of throws by building some upper body strength. Bonus: if you're careful to keep good form, pushups totally work your abs, too.

Third slice = 30 squats

Ladies, you know you want to look fab at the parades rocking some purple, green, or gold leggings. So show that purple, green, and gold sugar who's boss by squatting it out.

Fourth slice = 40 lunges

See above.

Fifth slice = 50 crunches

Collecting plastic babies doesn't mean you have to build up a food baby, too. Target those abs!

Each additional slice = 100 jumping jacks

We can all get a little carried away where king cake is concerned... If you've gone a bit overboard, get that heart rate up with some jumping jacks, and no one will ever have to know!

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