Joining a club frisbee team was one of the best decisions of my college career.

1. You don't have to have a background in frisbee to play frisbee

Since it is an up and coming sport, most people on college teams haven't picked up a frisbee or competitively played before college. Coming from a gymnastics and cheer background, it was a huge learning curve for me, but a fun skill to learn never the less.

2. The Spirit of the game is a real thing

The Spirit of the Game generally means that frisbee is self-referred and built on honesty between players for a fair and fun game. But frisbee players also have the best spirit, with chants and sideline support. Win or lose, you are still a team.

3. Frisbee Players have the COOLEST sock combinations

To join a frisbee team it is required that you buy a pair of cool socks. But really who doesn't like showing a little personality when you can? Your socks really say a lot about you as a person.

4. Dog lovers, this is the place for you.

I would argue that we are the most dog-friendly sport. You're guaranteed to see at any tournament and encouraged to go and pet it, even if you are called on the line up. #priorities

5. It's a cheap way to travel

With generally low dues and support from club sports, I get to travel all over the south on a bi-weekly basis for about $30. Now that's the deal of a life time.

6. Ultimate couples...and weddings... are definitely a thing!

Need a boyfriend? Join a frisbee team! But in all seriousness it's fun to get to know a group of guys that play the same sport. You aren't just getting to know one team, but a bunch of people you can talk frisbee lingo with.

7. The sideline chants are like nothing you've ever seen or heard before.

One example: "Give me an M, I, S, S, I, S, S, I, S, S, I, S, S, I, S, S, I , P, P I... What does that spell? Mississississississippi!

8. You're encouraged to get down and dirty

This is what we like to call a classic layout. You will feel like the bossiest boss lady doing it.

9. Practices are normally a therapeutic study break to vent about life while you play some wholesome frisbee.

I always look forward to see all my pals 8-10pm on Tuesday and Thursday. I'll tell them all my week's gossip and listen to theirs as we warm up and throw the disc.

10. Your team will become family

Angela Provenzano

It's safe to say most of my best friends have come from frisbee. Being a transfer student, I was looking for a tight knit community to join... and i got far more than that!